If you caught the Ultra Music Festival (UMF) 2015 live stream, then you definitely got a chance to check out the wild new Main Stage with its circular center and LED walls galore.

The cutting edge main stage production is one of the most exciting parts of any festival and fans love speculating about it in advance of its debut.

UMF 2015 Main Stage
Source: facebook.com/Ultra

This year, the stage was designed by the technical masters at the multiple award-winning SJ Lighting Inc., the company that works with music festivals and nightclubs all over the world, creating immersive designs that are unique to each venue.


Owned and operated by one Stephen Lieberman, who has been working in the lighting and design industry for over 25 years, SJ Lightning Inc. works to engineer, construct, develop and build unique production environments catered to each individual client using creative inspiration.

UMF Main Stage 2015
Source: facebook.com/Ultra

For UMF, they have taken a rare step and provided all of the blueprints used to design this year’s stage. All in all, it’s a fascinating look at the designs on paper that were translated into larger than life audio/visual set pieces.

Check out the pre-construction lighting plots below and compare them to the final product!

Click to enlarge:


We wonder if this is the same company that’s going to be working on the UMF Bali as well as UMF Singapore stages this year. Maybe we should go find out 😉

Source: edmtunes, livedesign.

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