Pop star Taylor Swift, famous for sharing important events in her life, said on Thursday (9th April) her mother is suffering from cancer and urged her millions of fans to tell their parents to get screened for the illness.

The “Shake It Off” singer said in a post on the microblogging site Tumblr that her mother was feeling fine, but she and her brother asked her to go for a check-up.

Taylor Swift Mom


In her post titled “Just so you know…“, Taylor said, “The results came in and I’m saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer. I’d like to keep the details of her condition and treatment plans private, but she wanted you to know.”

The 25-year-old Grammy winner who has more than 70 million fans on Facebook, said her mother, Andrea Finlay, wanted the news to be known so other “busy” parents will be reminded to get checked for the disease.

Read the full Tumblr post below:


As soon as she made the announcement fans responded quickly at #PrayForMamaSwift, which was trending on Twitter.

Taylor Swift’s “1989” was the top-selling album of the 2014 and sold 3.66 million copies in the first 9 weeks after its release, according to Billboard.

Source: Reuters.

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