5-day musical journey, 30 DJs from around the world, and a world-class production with a steampunk twist!

Shipsomnia – a music and arts festival meets hi​gh​ seas mythical adventure – has arrived.



A one-of-its kind, experiential 5-night festival vacation cruise to the hottest destinations in Asia with one of the world’s finest musical sommeliers on the Costa Victoria that​ ​would be propped out with a magical aquatic theme with a steampunk twist, where legends of the sea come to life.

Just in case you were wondering what “steampunk” is, here’s a pretty good representation:

Source: hometheatergear.com

How. Cool. Is that.

Shipsomnia ​has ​launched​​ its ​multi-language ​website with information in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Melayu, on the festival vacation cruise. The ​5​-day, ​4​-night cruise will set off from Singapore on 2nd January 2016 to Phuket and Langkawi and back to Singapore, on 6th January 2016. Shipsomnia is organised at a cost of about US$2.5-million, and it is expecting some 2,400 fun-seekers from around the Asia-Pacific region​,​ and beyond.

Check out more pictures of the gorgeous, sprawling Costa Victoria cruise ship in the gallery below:

*Pictures from Costa Victoria.

The debut of the annual Shipsomnia, organised by Singapore-based lifestyle and entertainment outfit Mad Fresh Events comprising professionals in the travel and entertainment industry from Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US, was conceptualised more than a year ago.

Upon the announcement, Mad Fresh CEO and Shipsomnia co-founder Alessandra Maderni revealed:


The idea behind Shipsomnia was to create an original music fes- tival cruise concept like no other and is unique to Asia. Many festival cruises follow the same format, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of yet another pirates or sailor theme. We want to bring it to a whole new level to the likes of Tomorrowland of the sea in terms of Shipsomnia’s storyline. One of the main objectives is for people to experience it in a fun and creative way. Anyone can hire a line-up of DJs, and while a good music line-up is important, the key is in creating a wow factor that sets it apart from the rest.

The Shipsomnia team spent over a year in planning, research and development from its concept, storyline, branding and bringing Shipsomnia on tour. The festival cruise will also see a world-class stage production of its 2016 theme, “The Search For Lost Rhythms”, collaborating with some of the best artistes and stage production teams from Belgium and South Africa.

While plans are in the pipeline to expand to other regions such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Bali and Sydney, Singapore will always have the fresh new production and storyline every year.

Shipsomnia Mythical Poster

As mentioned, the 2016 theme is “The Search of Lost Rhythms”, but the following year could be, “Rise of the Kraken”, for example. Guests can dress up to the fun aquatic theme.

In May, there will be a multi-club tour of Shipsomnia in Asia, as it is collaborating with the best clubs in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong to Jakarta, Bali, and Shanghai. Each club will also host two parties on Shipsomnia and they would be represented by their resident DJs, who would present their unique brand/sound and club culture, alongside global acts that would be announced at a later date.

Ticketing facts are as follows:

  • Early reservations for Shipsomnia will start from 23rd May to 14th June 2015 via their website.
  • Prices (excludes taxes and fees) starts from US$699 to US$1,199, per person depending on the choice of cabin. This is a savings of US$400 per cabin for a quad or 4-person sharing cabin.
  • Easy on the pocket, guests are only required to put a deposit of US$250 at the time of booking and they have the option to split the balance into three easy payments. For example, the price for one person for the lowest priced room costs US$699 (Usual: US$799).
  • After paying the deposit of US$250, the remaining sum can be paid in 3 instalments of US$150 each.
  • Visa, MasterCard and Debit cards are accepted!
  • Those staying in a Triple and Quadruple occupancy cabin get US$300 and US$600 [per cabin] free in onboard spending credit, respectively.
  • The price for each person is inclusive of accommodation; all meals on board (includes coffee and tea, and food is available round the clock throughout the day); usage of all facilities on Costa Victoria; transfer to the beach party in Phuket; and access to all concerts/events on board.

After early bird sales end, prices will return to its original. Shipsomnia’s VIP packages will also be available.

Note: There will be a full-day in Phuket with a private beach party, lots of activities and special surprises planned. The stopover in Langkawi is half a day, where you can either stay on the boat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the port, or sign up for tours of the island.

On top of that, one lucky fan and a friend will win a Shipsomnia vacation (valued at US$10,000 ). The Grand Prize includes some things that money can’t buy, such as a dinner with an international DJ; a luxurious spa session; a behind-the-scenes private tour of the ship and more.

Register on their website to enter the sweepskates. If you register on Facebook, you’ll get free bonus entries for every person that enters the contest through your shared link.

More details will be announced later.

For more information, hit up Shipsomnia’s official website or Facebook page.

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