One sure sign that SM Entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea is when they decided to establish a new workshop for the artistes under the company.

EXO recently made their triumphant return to the Korean music scene with “Call Me Baby“, a track off their new album, “EXODUS“. Following the group’s comeback, the company released a press release to announce that they’ve set up a new workshop in China for Lay of EXO-M.



The workshop was established and registered under Lay’s name on 31st March. The establishment of an individual workshop for a celebrity is widely common in China and Lay will be using it for his Chinese activities.

The company said in the press statement:

Currently we’ve set up a workshop in China on March 2015. EXO-M’s Lay will be using the workshop in condition of an exclusive contract with SM. During his contract time, Lay will be fully supported while proceeding with his schedule in China.

Although he is under SM Entertainment, he will be able to hire his own staff for the workshop. It will also help the company adapt to the Chinese market as they will be able to work with other agencies in China. Artistes who are under the company may use the workshop as well, when they’re in China for their schedule.

EXO-M Lay 2015

Regarding the establishment of his own workshop, Lay said:

The establishment of this workshop will become a foundation for solidifying my intention to honour my contract, and I hope it becomes an example of contract fulfillment. I believe that my Chinese activities will be beneficial to EXO and the company. I hope to contribute to the growth of the company and help the relationship between the two cultures.

What do you think of the establishment? Do you think it’s a good idea? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.


(Source: Koreaboo, Soompi / Featured image)

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