More Instagram tools to keep you addicted to editing your pictures beautifully before showing ’em off via your account!



As it is, the photo-sharing social platform vastly improved their app in December 2014 when they added 5 new filters as well as tweaked their UI (user interface), giving users more options when it comes to editing your photos on your smartphone. It was their first new filters in 2 whole years so you can imagine the immediate satisfaction for both Instagram as well as its throng of millions of people on it.

Further more, they also added a very important feature that was long requested for – the caption/geotag editing option.

And now, the app has added 2 new editing tools, “Fade” and “Color”.

According to The Verge, “Fade” works very much like it does on other editing apps. It softens the blacks and colors in your image for an “aged film effect” (Instagram’s terms), and that effect can be adjusted using the same slider mechanism found throughout the app.

Instagram Fade Color Tools

The “Color” tool can be used to add a specifically hued tint to either the shadows or highlights of an image — though it’s not as subtle an effect, and you can’t adjust the amount of tint like you can in apps like VSCO Cam.

The new tools will be available in the newest app update, and will actually make it to Android users first for a change. Instagram for Android version 6.19.0 will be available in the Google Play store today, and the iOS update will roll out “in a few days,” according to the company.

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Sources: Instagram Blog, The Verge / Featured image from here.

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