A ridiculous amount of cars were used and destroyed for the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

In fact, Dennis McCarthy, who is the car coordinator for the franchise since 2006’s “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”, told CNET that approximately 350 cars were used in “Furious 7” and “a couple hundred” of them were destroyed.

Furious 7 Car Crash Between Dom and Deckard


Multiple cars were needed for one shot at one location. McCarthy revealed that a total of 34 cars including 6 Subaru WRXs, 8 Dodge Chargers, 8 Challengers, 6 Jeeps, and 6 Camaros were used for the car skydiving scene. The crew lost 3 or 4 cars in the process.

After filming the mountain-highway chase scene on Colorado’s Monarch Pass, McCarthy told WSJ that they’ve “probably destroyed 40-plus vehicles just shooting that sequence”. All the damaged cars were then moved to a parking lot nearby Monarch Ski Resort for Richard Jansen, the owner of Bonnie’s Car Crusher to remove them.

Dennis McCarthy
Dennis McCarthy

He further revealed that the film crew must follow document every step for both accounting and liability reasons. “We have to account for every single car destroyed in each film,” he said.

For the amount of cars that they destroyed in the making of “Furious 7”, Jansen told WSJ that a total of 230 cars were “unceremoniously crunched into the world’s most expensive cube of metal scraps”.

Yup, this pile of metal scraps:

Furious 7 Cars Wrecked

Jansen said that he and his team were ordered to wreck all the cars, including several black Mercedes-Benzes, a Ford Crown Victoria, and a Mitsubishi Montero. The filmmakers insisted the cars to be smashed beyond repair so that people wouldn’t try to restore them and potentially harm themselves in the damaged cars.

Regarding the production’s request, Jansen said:


It was kind of unusual, to see some relatively late-model Mercedes-Benzes, all crunched up and good for nothing.

However, the amount of cars wrecked for every “Fast and “Furious” movie is nothing new for McCarthy. He said:

We’d wreck 25 cars a day, they’d come out at night, scoop ‘em up and bring us 25 more. It was a round-the-clock process, with multiple tow trucks and car carriers.

He added the film crew actually wrecked more than 230 cars for “Furious 7”. It is no wonder that “Furious 7” is the most expensive movie in the franchise.

Watch the trailer here:

Now that you know almost everything about “Furious 7”, what do you think? If you still haven’t watched it, well, what are you waiting for? Go check it out now because the film was already released worldwide on 3rd April!

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(Source: WSJ via comicbook.com)

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