Ah hah! Found something that both “Game of Thrones” as well as Sesame Street fans will absolutely enjoy and love.

In an attempt to parody the George R.R. Martin’s popular TV fantasy drama series, Sesame Street plays a “Game of Chairs” with iconic characters from “Jesteros” in this 6-minute video. What is it about, you ask? Sorry, but the less revealed about the contents of this short, the more fun you’ll have watching it.



We can say, however, that many now-deceased characters from the show’s past pop up (hello Joffrey), and there are sly references to how each die. Oh, and that Big Bird doesn’t make an appearance this time, unfortunately.

Don’t worry, no puppets were harmed in the production of this “Game of Thrones” parody 😉


Game of Thrones” returns 12th April with the first episode of Season 5. The best part is that HBO Asia will air the highly anticipated TV show in Malaysia on the same day as the US. Deets here.

Source: EW.

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