Box office record-breaking opening aside, the cast and crew of “Furious 7“, including first-time “Fast & Furious” Malaysian-born director James Wan, came together to talk about the loss they suffered when co-star Paul Walker passed away in a tragic car crash.

In the exclusive interview with TODAY, the cast gathered around the movie’s iconic family table at the backyard of the Toretto house with host Natalie Morales to remember the man who was like family to them all.

Furious 7 TODAY
Source: TODAY

They revealed how each and every single one of them processed the reality of Paul’s death and dealt with the grief, and confessed that they’re still dealing with it.


We quote Jordana Brewster, who played Mia Toretto (Vin Diesel’s sister) aka Paul Walker’s wife in the “Fast & Furious” movies:

I don’t think it’s something any of us will ever get over. He was the most wonderful, light, beautiful spirit ever, and he’ll be forever missed.

All in the same breath, the “Furious 7” cast also talked about the high-pressure process which involved finding a way to finish Paul’s scenes, which were only 85% complete at the time of his death. Watch the extended interview below.

Trust us, it’s worth your time:

We know, right? The “Fast & Furious” family has truly extended beyond the screen and ingrained deeply in the lives of the franchise’s fans. Paul Walker aka Brian O’Conner has truly left behind a great legacy to tell for years to come.

To balance it out, here’s a random funny video of the late Paul Walker pretending to be Vin Diesel on the set of “Fast & Furious”.

Because it’s “Diesel time, bitches” 😀


Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out some “Furious 7” fun facts here.

For more information, visit the movie’s website or Facebook page.

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