SM Entertainment’s K-Pop idol duo TVXQ recently completed their 10th anniversary tour in Japan at the Tokyo Dome, where member Yunho spoke about his impending military enlistment. It was reported that he shed tears as he greeted fans, and it wasn’t only because the duo were celebrating their 10th debut year in Japan.

“Although we can’t hold concert tours for a while, we promise to come back,” Yunho told the crowd, with tears streaming down his face.

TVXQ Yunho


Born in 1986 and standing at 29 years of age, Yunho is at the age where he should soon be enlisting and fulfilling his military requirement as a South Korean citizen.

SM Entertainment later confirmed that Yunho will be enlisting this year but added:

The date for his military enlistment has not been set yet. Since he is at the age where he must enlist this year, it seems that is why he mentioned it at the concert. It was their last Japanese concert before their military enlistment.

For fans, this means that they won’t be seeing their beloved idol for 2 years.

TVXQ’s other member Changmin, who was born in 1988, is also coming to the age where he will enlisting soon, but there has been no word about him joining Yunho in the army as of yet.

TVXQ Catch Me Tour Malaysia (5)

Should Changmin join Yunho this year, then at least the wait for a TVXQ comeback is only 2 years instead of 4.

Nevertheless, things have been emotional for the fans and the duo. At their Tokyo Dome concert, he was seen breaking down and crying uncontrollably as he tried to sing. Fans cheered him on while Changmin looked on with a sad expression on his face.



TVXQ will be joining the festivities in this year’s Korean Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, on 2nd May.

UPDATE (9th June, 1:38PM):

SM Entertainment have taken to multiple social media platforms to confirm that Yunho isn’t going to enlist on 6th July, as the earlier reports suggested.

The company confirmed in their latest press statement that the singer “will begin his military service on 21st July.  It was reported that he will enter the basic 5 weeks of training before carrying out “his service as an active duty soldier for 21 months”. The agency also commented, “Respecting the artists’ decision, we will not be revealing the time and location. We sincerely thank you for all the love and support for U-Know.”

No further details regarding his enlistment, but fans can catch the final moments of TVXQ! together at their encore concert in Seoul on the 13th and 14th June. Yunho will also be releasing his Japanese solo album on 8th July.

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