Just a little earlier today, Google revealed a neat game that you can play from either your desktop or mobile phone by utilising Google Maps. If you haven’t been playing the game, a Google Maps version of Pac-Man, in the past half a day, you’re clearly missing out!

But wait, before you venture into wasting a couple of precious, productive hours on Pac-Man, take a look at this other thing – the Google Panda.

Google Panda


Google announced that this will be their new face of search, one that you can both utilise to find all the answers your curious mind needs as well as hug when you need a snuggle.

According to Google APAC blog:

Haven’t we all yearned for a friend who could answer any question, while always being there for a snuggle?  Today, the wait is over — Google Panda is here.

With state of the art emotional and conversational intelligence, Google Panda changes the face of search. From the smallest child to the grandparent who’s never used a computer, anyone who can ask a question can own and love a Google Panda.

Now available in Japan, Google Panda comes in classic black and white, offering answers and hugs in two sizes: Panda 5 and Panda 6.

So cute! Right?

To learn more about Google Panda, here’s a video from their announcement event today with VP of Engineering, Chris Yerga:


Google, take our money 😀

P/S: By the way, happy April Fools’ Day.

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