EXO-Ls, you’ve waited since forever for this day to come – and now it’s finally here. And it’s likely that you won’t get enough of this.

SM Entertainment has released the official music videos for EXO’s “Call Me Baby”, a track off their new album, “EXODUS“. Some of you might have already seen fancams of the boys performing the song during their 2nd solo concert, “EXO Planet #2 – The EXO’luXion“ in Seoul.

EXO Call Me Baby


Before we get on to the “Call Me Baby” music videos, let’s talk a little bit about “EXODUS”:

A total of 20 different versions of the album will be made available for the fans and each version would feature different member for its cover. Fans can either choose to buy the Korean version, the Chinese version, or both versions of the album. Fans who are planning to collect all 10 of them are encouraged to put the albums side by side because the spine of the albums would reveal EXO logo when they are placed together in a set.

The packaging of the Korean album is gold while the Chinese album is in grey. Each album will consist of a poster, a random autographed photo card, and a photobook booklet of 52 pages. The booklet is a mix of the lyrics and thank you notes from the EXO members.

As expected, the members are ever so charismatic with their perfect-to-a-tee choreography and their intense expressions. Hardcore K-Pop fan or not, we’re pretty sure that this will win over the hearts of existing fans and perhaps, new ones too.

You ready?

Watch both the Korean as well as the Chinese version below:


Love it or..not so much? Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

EXO is set to make their comeback onstage through Mnet M! Countdown on 2nd April. Also, for the first-time ever, SM Entertainment released EXO’s “EXODUS” on Spotify, allowing fans to listen to the songs before purchasing the album.

For more information, visit EXO-K’s Facebook page or EXO-M’s Facebook page.

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