Dash Berlin returns to Malaysia!

As most of you may already know by now, Dash Berlin will be making his way back to Kuala Lumpur for Thirst 2015. No stranger to Malaysia, Dash was last here in 2013 as part of his #musicislife world tour and has since gone on to play at music festivals worldwide and release new music.

Two years on, we find out what the “Flying Dutchman” has planned for the rest of 2015 and if he’s excited to be back in Kuala Lumpur.

SOURCE: Dash Berlin - Facebook
SOURCE: Dash Berlin – Facebook

Hey Dash! Having travelled around the world and as someone who’s no stranger to Malaysia, what are your views on the dance music scene in our country? What do you feel sets Malaysia apart from the rest?

When I think of Malaysia, I think of energy, a lot of energy. The first time I played in Malaysia, I played to a crowd who had massive energy and it was really overwhelming honestly! I never expected dance music to be such a highly appreciated thing in Malaysia so I was quite surprised about that. I have to say I’m always excited whenever there’s a party scheduled in Malaysia on my calendar, I really look forward to it. The Malaysian crowd is really enthusiastic and they have a lot of energy when it comes to enjoying a live performance so for me as a DJ, it’s a big pleasure to play for crowds such as that.

Whats in the pipeline for Dash Berlin this 2015?

Well, apart from working on our album, we have a new single that is out now. It’s called “Never Let You Go”, a collaboration between Dash Berlin and John Dahlbäck and BullySongs. We’re also going to finish up 2 more singles and one of the singles will be accompanied by a very big video that was shot in Indonesia, which is fairly new for Dash Berlin. Besides that, I’ll be performing at music festivals and touring a lot more this year.

As someone who has been in the industry for a substantial amount of time, what do you think of the current dance music scene?

I think the current dance music scene is a following of its own. It’s popular all over the world, it’s what we can call..the new pop music because everybody listens to electronic music. There’s also a lot of music that’s being produced out there, a lot of inspiration, a lot of competition which brings the level up. It’s challenging because everyone wants to be at the top of the scene but it’s so enjoyable the same time because dance music is constantly reinventing itself. If it’s not the music, it’s the sound, the plugins, the makers of software or hardware that comes up with new ways to make sounds. That pushes the scene to grow so it’s really inspiring.

SOURCE: Dash Berlin - Facebook
SOURCE: Dash Berlin – Facebook

In your personal opinion, what do you think the dance music industry will be like in 5 years?


That’s a difficult question. I don’t know really but if you think back just a little bit, you’ll see electronic dance music forms develop like moombathon, trap, and dubstep all come to life in a very short period of time. You think you’ve heard it all but all of a sudden, there’s a new music style and it continuously happens. Now you have future house, down tempo house, tropical house, the list goes on. The nice thing about dance music is that it constantly evolves and reinvents itself. Therefore, it’s also almost impossible to predict where it is going. I think, from my point of view, I’m a positive guy, dance music will be bigger than it is today. I also think that in 5 years, listening to dance music will be normality, especially for places that don’t constantly have music festivals.  

SOURCE: Dash Berlin - Facebook
SOURCE: Dash Berlin – Facebook

Lastly, are you excited to be coming back to Malaysia for Thirst 2015 and is there anything different that Malaysian fans expect from you?

I’m bringing a lot of customised visual content and a lot of new music. Malaysians have been so supportive of me since the “#musicislife” album so I’ll be playing some of the tracks from that album and also from “We Are Part 1”. I will also be playing music from “We Are Part 2” to introduce our new sound and direction. So far, it has been very positively welcomed so that’s different. When I did shows in Malaysia sometime back, it was a little bit more of what you can expect from Dash Berlin. This time round, Malaysia will get more new music and a set that is unexpected.

Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you in April.

Thank you! See you then!

Big thanks to our friends at Heineken Malaysia for arranging this interview for us!

Deets to Thirst 2015 can be found here.

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