Now, how did we miss this one?

It appears that WM Entertainment is ready to debut another K-Pop idol girl group! Having released several teasers with no other obvious indications save for the hashtag #OMG, it has been officially announced that yet another group is ready to make waves in the South Korean entertainment scene.

WM Entertainment OMG


Also known as B1A4‘s sister girl group, #OMG stands for “Oh My Girl”. In one of the latest teasers, the girls jump out of their frames to say hi to their newly acquired fans. It was also via these teasers that their names were revealed 😉

“Oh My Girl” will be made up of 8 girls:

  1. Mimi
  2. Jiho
  3. ARin
  4. Seunghee
  5. JinE
  6. Binnie
  7. YooA
  8. Hyojung

Truth be told, they look absolutely adorable! What, you don’t believe us?

See for yourselves:

Oh My Girl

WM Entertainment also revealed that the girls’ have got their own official YouTube account as well as an official Instagram account for all y’all to keep close tabs on them.

Meet the OMG (otherwise known as “Oh My Girl”) girls here:


Their debut date has yet to be revealed, but the girls are expected to make a debut this April. We can’t wait to see what their concept would be like!

For more information, visit their official website.

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