Police have arrest on Sunday (20th March) over an anti-Lee Kuan Yew video.

17-year-old Amos Yee, who goes by the YouTube channel name “brainandbutter“, posted a YouTube video on 27th March which contained insensitive comments against the late Singapore founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The late Lee Kuan Yew passed away on Monday (23rd March) at 91 years old.

The boy also made remarks about the Christian faith, comparing Mr Lee to Jesus Christ, by saying both figures “are both power-hungry and malicious but deceive others into thinking they are both compassionate and kind”.


Amos Yee

In the video, Amos, who had a minor role in one of Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo’s films, 2012’s “We Not Naughty“, went on to say that the late Mr Lee’s followers were “completely delusional and ignorant, and have absolutely no sound logic or knowledge about him that is grounded in reality”.

He also challenged Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to sue him.

Prior to uploading the “Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead” video, Amos announced on Twitter that he was “making a Lee Kuan Yew video”, among other things.

In case you missed it, here:


At least 20 police reports were lodged against Amos Yee since 27th March, when he was believed to have uploaded the 8-minute “Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead” video. And if that wasn’t enough, Amos also posted obscene material on his blog, which drove more people to lodge reports against the teenager.

The blogpost has since been taken down and the video, which has been slammed by netizens, is no longer available on his YouTube channel.

Source: The Straits Times.

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