A new independent hiphop label is set to hit the Korean music scene and it will be headed by none other than Tablo, the leader of Epik High.

It was recently reported that the hiphop trio will be launching an independent hiphop sub-label under their current management company YG Entertainment.

Epik High


CEO and founder of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk expressed his regret for not being able to fulfill his hiphop artistes’ wishes in the past.

He said:

Be it 1TYM or Jinusean, YG’s roots have always been hip hop. YG feels deeply indebted but on the other hand grateful to all of the artists doing hip hop in this country.

Thus, he decided to support Epik High’s decision to launch a new label spearheaded by Tablo. It is a fitting position for Tablo as the CEO believes that he is a multi-talented rapper, lyricist, and producer, and the one with the strong understanding of the underground hip hop scene.

Epik High Taiwan

It’s no secret that Epik High will want to establish their own label as Tablo previously talked about it during an interview with Fuse TV.

Regarding the trio’s decision to establish a new sub-label, Hyun Suk said:

We will do our best to support the establishment of this hip hop label so that it can become a good opportunity to all underground hip hop artists.


What do you think of the new sub-label? Are you excited to find out what they have in store for you? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

(Source: Soompi)

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