The strange things one can find on the Internet, ranging from useful nuggets of information to straight up disgusting finds. One such example would be a disturbing child-rape fantasy website – a local one.

The website, which apparently has been around since January 2013, depicts stories of rape and incest with younger children. It came to the attention of local celebrity Daphne Iking recently, who has since called on netizens to help take it down. She posted the link and urged her friends and followers to write to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission ([email protected]) to take action against the website.

“I have two girls. One turns eight this year. This is totally disgusting and dangerous,” she said in her Facebook post Saturday (28th March):


She also said she has informed the relevant authorities about the website.

“We need to create awareness. I am currently part of an anti-human trafficking campaign and such websites, which promote the sick culture of child rape, paedophiles and sex trafficking, are why modern-day slavery still exists,” she said when contacted by The Star.

Malaysians Against Rape, Assault & Snatch theft founder (Marah) Dave Avran, who also shared the post, said such websites should not be allowed to exist. “It encourages people to look into such things like child rape and the website can also be accessed by young children. It isn’t right,” he said.

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Help them take it down, you guys! Contact MCMC here or report it to WordPress here.

Source: The Star Online / Featured image from shutterstock


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