Damn it, Jerry!” is one of the most iconic quotes that we use from watching too many episodes (how much is “too many”, anyway?) of “Parks and Recreation“. Most of the fans including us developed a deep emotional attachment to the series, which is why we were devastated when it ended with Season 7.

Although we were sad that it came to an end, the show made sure it left behind tonnes of memorable quotes for us to remember it by.

Leslie Knope Waffles


The NBC comedy TV series starred Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat who works in the parks department of Pawnee, a fictional town in Indiana. She is obsessed with waffles, which is why we craved for waffles so much that we eventually wrote an article about finding the best waffles in town.

It was named the #1 TV series by TIME in 2012 and received several awards and nominations. The 7th and the final season of “Parks and Recreation”, which consisted of 13 episodes, began airing on 13th Jan 2015 and ended on 24th February 2015.

Parks and Recreation

As much as we wanted to call ourselves the biggest fan of the series, we wouldn’t because there were so many things we didn’t know about the series…until now.

According to Vulture, “Parks and Recreation” co-creator Mike Schur revealed in an interview that the city of Pawnee was not based on any city in the US. It is actually based on Kuala Lumpur. As in our Kuala Lumpur. That’s right, everyone.

Parks and Recreation

We didn’t believe it until we read the original article too.

When asked whether Pawnee is actually based on Lafayette, Schur said:


Actually, no. I swore I would never reveal this, but now that the show is over: The actual model for Pawnee is Kuala Lumpur.

We would like to think that he was just joking, but we can’t find a hint of sarcasm in that sentence! Our city is, after all, similar to Pawnee in a certain way. We are flattered that our city “resembles” a city that is filled with the most wonderful people in the world.

Park and Rec - Ron Swanson

What do you think of this fun fact? Do you think the co-creator was just joking? Either way, cheers to one of the greatest TV series of all time 😉

Source: Vulture.

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