Zedd‘s recent PR campaigns surrounding his new album, “True Colors”, have been fairly clever thus far, but this one has to take the cake.

If you’ve ever met himin person, you’d know that the 25-year-old is an absolutely sweetheart, especially with fans.

Zedd SWSX Cave Party


As such, 50 lucky fans received the trip of a lifetime presented by the Grammy award-winning DJ/Producer in conjunction with SWSX in Austin, Texas. How did they win the opportunity? Zedd and his team sneakily placed 6 “Z” insignias around Austin’s Sixth Street during SXSW, requesting fans to snap a photo in front of all 6 and present them to Zedd’s team.

What an adventure, or should we say, Zeddventure! The first 50 who completed the task earned the golden ticket to the surprise event.

But the adventure Zeddventure didn’t end there 😉

Then, beautiful and sprawling limousines escorted all 50 fans to a mysterious venue an hour and a half drive away, like a dream. The 50 fans rocked up to one of the most incredible taverns in Texas, the Longhorn Cavern State Park.

Note: Thousands of years ago, an underground river cut through limestone sediment in Texas hill country, leaving behind a massive cave. In 1971, Longhorn Cavern State Park was declared a National Natural Landmark. In 2015 it served as an absolutely stunning place to throw a party and listen to some new music.


Zedd Cave Party

Prior to Zedd’s grand entrance, he told BuzzFeed

Every song on this album is associated with a colour. And we decided the song we’re debuting tonight is purple. The amount of detail that went into that — from the purple skittles on the limos, the purple drinks, the purple food, the lights — it’s pretty magical.

Molded by an underground river, purples light illuminated the natural cavern catered with an incredible spread of hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, and free pair of purple Beats by Dre for each lucky fan. The epic cave party surprise was then followed by a special viewing of one of the tracks from “True Colors” titled, “Addicted To A Memory”, and an intimate meet and greet.

In fact, each fan had their own 1-on-1 time with him as he greeted and met every fan in attendance, signing posters and takes pictures. Needless to say, the fans had quite the memory to go with them by the end of the event.

Zedd Cave Party

The best part about this very cool promotional event is that it’s far from over. In fact, this will occur in ten different cities for 50 different fans in each city, with each stop previewing a new track; all of which have been matched to different colours and their accompanying vibes.

Zedd said of the exciting upcoming release of “True Colors”:

I think it goes back to my history playing rock music and jazz music. When I first started making electronic music I was surprised at how everyone was releasing singles with maybe and EP here or there. That’s not enough time to tell a story. If I put out one of the True Colors songs out of context, they might not understand. It’s really important to me to share my passion in the form of an album. That’s what I love doing.

Can’t wait? Wish he would hold a secret cave party in Malaysia too?

We know right. Us too! Go here for more deets and timely updates on “True Colors”.

Meanwhile, check out Zedd and Selena Gomez‘s collaboration, “I Want You To Know“. We hear that it’s a track that is likely to be featured in Zedd’s upcoming album too.

Sources: BuzzFeed, GDEYourEDM.

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