Oh, shucks. It looks like we’ll all probably have to wait a little longer for BIGBANG’s comeback. While multiple reports have confirmed that, yes, YG Entertainment is indeed planning for a BIGBANG concert next month, it appears the K-Pop idol boy group’s album release has been delayed.

An unnamed source let slip on 19th March that BIGBANG has scheduled a comeback concert from 24th to 26th April at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. According to numerous reports, the concert is described to be a part of their promotional activities for their latest album release. Along with the news, there was also word that WINNER and iKON were also slated to guest appear.



Don’t forget, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk previously said that BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON were scheduled to release new music in the coming months, one after another, starting with BIGBANG.

In an official statement to TV Report on 15th Feb, Yang Hyun Suk said:

BIGBANG’s comeback is currently planned to be released sometime in April. For now we are planning on April at the latest and we will make their comeback sooner if possible, but there definitely will not be a need to postpone it.

Following BIGBANG’s comeback are their juniors waiting in line. All three teams will be coming out in one month intervals. I guess you can think of it as the older brothers kicking off first before their younger brothers.

However, YG Entertainment have since clarified the reports and stated, “We scheduled BIGBANG’s concerts from 24th to 26th April in advance. Since their debut, they have been holding concerts with their album release so we reserve the venues in advance.”

They went on to explain that the album release has been delayed as the members, who prioritises quality over release dates, are still working hard on their latest material. On top of that, because the album release date is yet to be finalised, the originally scheduled release dates remain open for discussion by the agency.

As such, the final decision for BIGBANG’s concert dates will only be confirmed sometime next week.



YG Entertainment also clarified that WINNER and iKON will not be performing as opening acts, denying previous reports that they will be performing on BIGBANG’s tentative concert dates.

Well, patience is a virtue after all, VIPs. Keep calm and wait 😉

Sources: TV Report, Star News, OSEN

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