As you all might already know, the implementation of the much-dreaded Goods and Services Tax (GST) effective next month will see changes in the way we save as well as spend money. The GST rate is fixed at 6%, and sales tax of 10% and service tax of 6% will be replaced with GST.

Some of the many day-to-day things that will undeniably be affected are such as electricity, banking services, fuel (RON 97), etc. As if that’s not worrying enough, fellow commuters who depend on public transportation will also have to fork out more than what they used to pay for to get around soon.



Taxi, bus. and LRT operators are expected to increase their fares by up to 40%, while KTMB, the sole rail operator in the country, has yet to confirm the quantum of increase in the fare. Taxi fares will be increased with budget taxis in the Klang Valley to charge 25 sen every 200m.

A Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) fact sheet released on Thursday (19th March) states that flag-down rates for budget taxis nationwide will remain the same at RM3, but will see their distance and time rates revised. The Teks1m cabs, marked by their brown Proton Exora make, will see new flag-down rates upped to RM4, with 30 sen to be charged per 200m.

Express buses, on the other hand, will see its current fare increase from 9.3 sen per km to 11.4 sen per km from 1st April. According to the fact sheet, this will mean a ticket to Ipoh from KL will cost RM25.30 instead of RM20.60 previously:

Source: The Star Online
Source: The Star Online

More to come new fare structures and updates to come, we’re sure.

Brace yourselves!

Source: The Star Online.

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