“You’re the song my heart is beating to,” – Ed Sheeran.

Born in February 1991 in England, Ed Sheeran began playing a guitar at a young age. Soon after, he began writing his own songs and in 2008, he moved to London to pursue his career. During his time in London, Ed gained the attention of many with his online performances and has since come a long way from when he first started.

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With 2 highly successful albums “+” and “x” under his belt, Ed is also a Grammy Award nominee and a Brit Award Winner. Apart from just winning awards, he’s also Spotify‘s most streamed artist of 2014 and selling out shows across the globe. Currently on tour, Ed stopped by Kuala Lumpur on 16th March for a one-night-only performance and I was ever so lucky to be part of it.

Brought to Malaysian fans by PR Worldwide, the concert kicked off with a spectacular performance by Malaysia’s very own Faizal Tahir. Although fans were there for Ed Sheeran, the local singer managed to get the crowd singing along to his covers and also got them going head over heels for him when he performed his original.


It wasn’t long after his performance that Ed took over the stage and gave fans the moment they’ve been waiting for!

Fans from as young as 13, maybe 14 years of age were present for his concert and everyone went into a frenzy the moment he took stage. Ed, who seemed equally as excited and energetic, kicked off his performance with track “I’m a mess” before greeting the crowd by shouting, “Hello Kuala Lumpur!” with incredible enthusiasm and energy.

He then continued with “Lego House” and got the crowd singing along with him.

After “Lego House” he jumped straight into his third song “Don’t” and not only got fans singing but also dancing along to him. What really impressed me most was how he was able to get the crowd going so crazy all by himself. One man, one guitar, on one stage performing to a sea of people.

During his performance for “Don’t”, Ed showed fans a different side of him by doing a mashup of “Dont”, “Loyal”, “Nina” and Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”. If you’re a fan, you might remember him doing a cover of “No Diggity” with Passenger.

Keeping the energy going, Ed continued with his next song, “Drunk”, before moving on to a mashup of his original “Take It Back” and Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. The crowd was probably the most energetic crowd I’ve ever seen. They were also some of the biggest fans I’ve ever seen, singing along to every song, word by word. It was such a beautiful sight.

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Ed then took it down a notch by performing “One” followed by “Photograph”. He then pumped it back up with a stellar performance of “Bloodstream“. I now understand why he said it was his favourite song to perform live. From playing with his guitar effects to rocking out on stage, fans definitely rubbed off Ed’s energy as they instantly became more energetic too!

The night continued with Ed performing “Tenerife Sea” which got fans swaying, some even crying as Ed brought such an intimate and personal vibe with his performance. It was so personal that it felt like Ed was singing directly to and for you. His performance of “Tenerife Sea” had fans falling even more deeply in love with him and I know this to be true because I am speaking from experience.

He then continued with what is dubbed one of the most romantic songs today, “Thinking Out Loud”. The moment he sang the words “When your legs don’t work like they used to before”, the crowd went to a frenzy like no other, with some screaming at the top of their lungs.

Safe to say that it was obvious that this was the song that they were all waiting for 😉

We’re #thinkingoutloud with @teddysphotos tonight! #edsheeran #edsheeranKL #edsheeranMalaysia A video posted by Hype Malaysia (@hypemy) on

Ed then continued with another crowd favourite “I See Fire“, which also happens to be the soundtrack for “The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug”. Changing things up a little from his original version of the track, Ed made it livelier by adding on guitar effects to the track during his live performance.

Apart from just performing one great song after another, Ed also interacted with the crowd and had them laugh to a couple of jokes that he cracked up.


The night continued as he performed “A Team” before delivering a very emotional and heartfelt version of “Give Me Love“.

Ed then broke it down and delivered an incredibly awesome version of “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” and claimed that it was the last song of the night. Of course, that wasn’t it as he came back on for an encore and gave fans a mashup of Iggy Azalea‘s “Fancy” and 50 Cents’ “In Da Club” before closing the night with “Sing”.

Personally, the highlight of the night for me was when he performed “I See Fire”, “Give Me Love”, and “Take It Back”. The whole concert was brilliant as Ed proved that he was not just a great singer and songwriter – he was a superb performer too!

Ed Sheeran’s first concert in Malaysia was definitely a successful one and I can’t wait for him to come back again!

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Full set list from the concert is as follows:

  1. I’m a mess
  2. Lego House
  3. Don’t/Nina/No Diggity
  4. Drunk
  5. Take It Back/Superstition
  6. One/Photograph
  7. Bloodstream
  8. Tenerife Sea
  9. Thinking Out Loud
  10. I See Fire
  11. You Need Me
  12. Fancy/In Da Club
  13. Sing

We’re leaving you today with “All Of The Stars” by Ed Sheeran.

Also, don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with Ed Sheeran here.

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