Robert Downey Jr is a real-life hero.

Known to most young fans as superhero Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr has now become a real-life superhero by teaming up with Albert Manero, a #CollectiveProject student who founded Limbitless joining in The Collective Project.

As part of the project, RDJ recently presented a 3D-printed bionic arm to his 7-year-old fan, Alex, who was born with a partially developed arm.


The bionic arm, built by Albert Manero, is a recreation of Downey Jr’s own Iron Man gear. The actor posted a video of the meet to his Facebook page, calling Alex “the most dapper 7-year-old I’ve ever met”.

“Half the time, I design one of these, and it keeps breaking on me,” he tells Alex in it, in character as billionaire inventor Tony Stark, the alter ego of Iron Man. “What I do is I keep on working on it, like you’re working on it with Albert.”

“He keeps working and working on it until he gets it right,” Alex replies, smiling shyly.


Downey thanked Manero and Limbitless Solutions for making artificial limbs like this more affordable for families with kids who wants to show the playground how tough they really are.

Check out the video below to see RDJ presenting a grinning Alex with his new arm, and be sure to have a few tissues ready!

via The Guardian

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