We don’t like being the bringer of bad news but as at 6:15pm today (8th March 2015), Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2015 organiser Livescape Asia has confirmed that FMFA15 has been cancelled.

This is of course coming after several applications to the Singaporean authorities for a public entertainment licence, which was turned down twice. Livescape Asia later submitted an appeal to Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs, which unfortunately, also didn’t see an approval.



As such, it has left the organiser no choice but to cancel FMFA15, which was originally scheduled to take place at Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore on 13th and 14th March. Of course, it is without a doubt that this comes as a big blow to Livescape Asia, considering the fact that FMFA 2014 was abruptly shut down due to several cases of drug overdose.

In our exclusive interview with co-founders Iqbal and Rahul, they explained that a lot of extra measures e.g. EventAid, SightCon, were being taken to ensure that this year’s festival wouldn’t suffer the same fate as last year’s. They’ve also countlessly reiterated that they’re doing all that they can to eliminate problems as much as they can while urging partygoers to have safe and clean fun come FMFA15.


On top of that, Livescape also increased security and safety measures at the event, including reduced crowd size and higher security personnel to participant ratio. For example, 33 closed-circuit television cameras will be installed at the Singapore event this year, compared to six in Kuala Lumpur last year. There will also be one security personnel for every hundred people, compared to one to 125 last year.

Alas, these extra measures will never see the light of day 🙁

In the statement, the organiser said that full ticket refunds will now be made to all FMFA ticket buyers, details of which will be made available by Monday (9th March) evening. They’ve also set up a care team to help answer partygoers’ concerns directly. Read the full statement here:



UPDATE (10th March, 7am):

More details have been released regarding FMFA15’s refunds For those of you who are seeking to get the necessary reimbursements s e.g. tickets, packages, preloaded credits, please refer to Livescape Asia’s statement as per below:


For more information, please visit Livescape Asia’s Facebook page or FMFA’s Facebook page.

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