Yesterday, various Singaporean media outlets reported that Livescape Asia’s permit applications for Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2015, slated to happen next week, was rejected. We say “applications” because the organiser submitted 2 requests for a Public Entertainment License. They were rejected because of “serious concerns with potential drug abuse at the event”.

As such, Livescape Asia released an official statement via their Facebook page to say that they’ve taken it up to the highest level to appeal for the festival to proceed. In case you missed it, here:



Like you, we’ve been waiting with bated breaths since then.

Slightly over an hour ago, CNA reported that Livescape’s appeal to Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs for a permit has been turned down. According to a statement released by the ministry on Friday (6th March), the Minister for Home Affairs has carefully considered and turned down the appeal by Livescape Singapore to hold the Future Music Festival Asia 2015 in Singapore.

On top of that, in the Singapore Parliament on Friday (6th March), Senior Minister of State Masagos Zulkifli said that the Government is “keeping an eye” on music events, over concerns of potential drug abuse at such festivals.


The previous applications for a permit to hold the festival at the Changi Exhibition Centre on 13th and 14th March were rejected because of “serious concerns with potential drug abuse at the event”.

The police mentioned “drug-related activities that had taken place at past Future Music Festival events, including its March 2014 event in Kuala Lumpur that resulted in drug-related deaths and hospitalisations, including several Singaporeans”. FMFA 2014 saw several Singaporeans being hospitalised after a suspected drug overdose while 2 others were later charged for drug offences.

Following the news of the denied appeal, Livescape Asia updated their Facebook page to say that they were waiting to receive an official confirmation from the authorities:



As previously mentioned, it’s true that a lot is at stake here for the organiser, artistes/acts that were booked and are slated to play next week, as well as the partygoers who have already locked down their tickets and accommodations. Whether or not FMFA15 will happen is still currently unknown.

Your guess is as good as ours.

We do know, however, that contingency plans are in place if the appeal is turned down. This includes hosting various performers in various venues across the island.

UPDATE (7th March, 2am):

Livescape Asia has released another statement regarding the appeal, effectively confirming that the above news was true. As reiterated below, the organiser is assessing all options and formulating their next course of action, and full details of this will be made available over the next few days

Read it here:


UPDATE (8th March, 6:15pm):

We don’t like being the bringer of bad news but as at 6:15pm today (8th March 2015), Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2015 organiser Livescape Asia has confirmed that FMFA15 has been cancelled.

In the statement, the organiser said that full ticket refunds will now be made to all FMFA ticket buyers, details of which will be made available by Monday (9th March) evening. They’ve also set up a care team to help answer partygoers’ concerns directly. Read the full statement here:


Our hearts are with Livescape Asia and the FMFA15 crew during this difficult time.

We’ll update everyone with more information as soon as we have ’em.

Sources: CNA (1), CNA (2), The Straits Times.

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