We know, you can barely wait until the 5th season of the epic HBO drama series, “Game of Thrones“, finally kicks off on 12th April. That’s really only a few weeks away. But in the run up to the release, a storyboard feature was recently published and to be honest, it’s not only awesome but friggin’ amazeballs!

The storyboard video features the handiwork of Will Simpson, one of the visionary artists behind the show. From what we hear, he has been a part of “Game of Thrones” since the very beginning – and we can see why. Much of his work involves sketching out an episode director’s vision into an initial comic strip version for visual reference. Simpson has also contributed to the concept design of various things in the series, such as creature design for the dragons, direwolves, and particularly the three-eyed raven.

Will Simpson GoT
Will Simpson

For starters, whatever he does is worthy of being called a masterpiece. And as such, his beautiful work has greatly influenced the visual representation of everything that you see on the show such as the scenes and characters.


Speaking of his role in the production process, Simpson says:

When I do storyboards, I try and get the energy into the images […] It’s important that when a director shows it to a camera man or a d.p. [director of photography] they get a sense of the nuance, the feel of the shot.

We can totally see why the production team has kept him around for so long. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then his contribution speaks millions. But don’t let just us gush about it!

Watch and be amazed:


Want more? Get an inside look at Will Simpson creating “Game of Thrones” storyboards and view more at MakingGameofThrones.com.

For more information, visit the “Game of Thrones” website or Facebook page.

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