The dating rumours in the Korean entertainment industry just don’t seem to end. After Kim So Eun and Hong Jong Hyun from “We Got Married” were caught in two separate dating rumours, AOA‘s Jimin is also said to be in a relationship with iKON‘s Kim Jin Hwan.

The two are said to be dating after a picture of Jimin’s Kakao Talk text messages with Mnet’s “Unpretty Rap Star” scriptwriter began circulating online.

AOA Kakako Talk


Netizens claim that Jimin accidentally confirmed her dating rumours with Jinhwan through her KKT’s profile picture of a corgi puppy lying on a red cushion bed. They scoured the Internet and found that Jinhwan’s sister shared a strikingly similar photo on her Instagram. His sister took a picture of her corgi and its red cushion bed before captioning it, “New member of the family <3.

Some may argue that they are just very close friends but the picture fueled further speculation after Jinhwan’s sister deleted the original Instagram post.

AOA Jimin Kakaotalk

This isn’t the first time Jimin and Jinhwan were said to be in a relatipnship because earlier in July 2014, they were spotted shopping together as a couple. As Jinhwan had introduced himself as “a man with a good voice to listen to at night”, the alleged couple further drew suspicions from the netizens after Jimin revealed on a television programme that her ideal type would be “a man with a good voice to listen to at night” as well.

Netizens suggested that the 2 were indeed dating after they were seen wearing or carrying the same items on different occasions:

Most of the Korean netizens were surprised to find out about Jimin’s dating rumour while the rest thought they look good together and hoped that they have a nice relationship. Their comments read (via Netizenbuzz):

I hope they have a nice relationship!

If they’re just friends, it’s weird that his nuna would even delete the Instagram picture in the first place.


Hul, they really must be dating. I hope they stay on the down low and have a nice relationship so that fans can have an easier time.

I always had a feeling but seeing proof like this again breaks my heart, heh.

Nothing to shield here just because the proof is so undeniable… Be happy~~

It’s not surprising anymore and I don’t have a heart to break left so I’ll do my thing and he can do his. Lots of idols are dating anyway so whatever.Although nothing’s confirmed yet, find strength, fans

Although nothing’s confirmed yet, find strength, fans… Time heals everything.

I don’t care if my bias dates, not like I’m his mom or anything.

Some netizens were not happy about the news, especially after Jimin said that she was “not going to date” on a variety show.

AOA Jimin Denies Dating

Don’t say you’re not going to date, just expose everything,” said a Korean netizen. Another netizen criticised Jimin for being a hypocrite and said:

Damn, you’re being cursed at because you deserve it. She doesn’t remember what she said on broadcast and is acting against her words, isn’t she? Fans = patrons keke. To those who shield her, I have no comment keke.

What do you think of the dating rumour? Do you think they are just very close friends? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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