Robin Hood is certainly the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. The Hollywood’s obsession with the Sherwood Forest’s prince of thieves is so deep that there are currently 3 different versions of Robin Hood movies in the works and one of them will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio‘s production company Appian Way.

According to Deadline, Guy Ritchie’s “Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur” scribe Joby Harold is set to pen the script on Appian Way’s “Robin Hood: Origins”.

Russell Crowe in Robin Hood Movie
Source: The Guardian

Found in the legendary English folklore, Robin Hood (or Robyn Hode) is a highly skilled archer and swordsman. Traditionally depicted as being dressed in Lincoln green, he is also a heroic outlaw for “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor,” alongside his band of “Merry Men”. He became a popular folk figure in the late-medieval period and was widely represented in modern literature, films, and TV. Released in 1938, “The Adventures of Robin Hood” is considered by many to be the best and the most popular Robin Hood movie, followed by Disney’s animated adaptation with a cast of woodland creatures.


In 1993, Mel Brooks produced and directed a parody of the Robin Hood story and frequently included comedic references to the previous Robin Hood films including “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, Disney’s “Robin Hood”, and “The Adventures of Robin Hood”. The most recent adaptation is directed by Ridley Scott and it starred Russell Crowe as Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Men In Tights
Cary Elwes in 1993’s “Robin Hood: Men In Tights”

Appian Way won’t be the only production company to produce a Robin Hood movie as both Sony Pictures and Disney are ready to launch their own Robin Hood film franchises as well. Titled “Nottingham & Hood”, Disney’s Robin Hood movie will share the same tone as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise and the script will be written by first-time screenwriter Brandon Barker. Sony hopes to focus on the archer’s band of Merry Men through their realistic, action-heavy Sherwood Forest cinematic universe while Appian Way aims to get a rougher, gritty reinvention of the iconic folklore character.

All of the Robin Hood movies are in the early development stage thus no actors or directors are currently attached to these projects.

What do you think of these Robin Hood movies? Which actor do you think will portray the heroic outlaw? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

(Source: Deadline / Featured image)

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