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Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Spock, the irritatingly loveable ultra logical human-alien in the cult sci-fi TV series and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday (27th Feb) morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death.

He was 83 years old.

Leonard Nimoy Spock
Source: NY Times

Last year, he revealed that he was suffering chronic lung disease COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), caused by years of smoking. Ironically, it’s a bad habit that he had given up 30 years ago. Earlier this week, he was taken to the hospital after suffering from chest pains.

He had a long career as both an actor and director.

Source: Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner as Spock & Captain Kirk from the "Star Trek" TV series in 1968 (Source: Wikipedia)
Source: Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner as Spock & Captain Kirk from the “Star Trek” TV series in 1968 (Source: Wikipedia)

Spock serves aboard the starship Enterprise, as science officer and first officer, and later as commanding officer of 2 iterations of the vessel. Spock’s mixed human-Vulcan heritage serves as an important plot element in many of the character’s appearances. Along with Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, he is one of the 3 central characters in the original “Star Trek” series and its films.

After retiring from Starfleet, Spock serves as a Federation ambassador, contributing toward the easing of the strained relationship between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. In his later years, he serves as Federation ambassador to the Romulan Star Empire and becomes involved in the ill-fated attempt to save Romulus from a supernova.

Leonard Nimoy as old Spock in "Star Trek Into Darkness" (2013)
Leonard Nimoy as old Spock in “Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013)

In the “Star Trek” (2009) and “Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013), he reprised his role alongside Zachary Quinto, who depicted a younger version of the character, existing within an alternate timeline. His portrayal of Spock in “Star Trek Into Darkness” was his final film role.

His final days was marked with a final tweet from his official Twitter account, in which he signed off with “LLAP” – a reference to his character’s famous catchphrase, “Live long and prosper”.

His granddaughter later used the same Twitter account to confirm his passing.

It’s true that Leonard Nimoy made being a sci-fi geek acceptable long before it was cool. For old times’ sake, beam him up now, Scotty – to heaven.

Leonard Nimoy Death
Source: fanpop

We can’t imagine a better send off for the half-human, half-Vulcan legend.

RIP Leonard Nimoy.

Sources: BBC, NY Times, Spock Wikipedia.

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