“Till death do us part.”

But from what I’ve seen and heard, planning a wedding is never easy. From the seating charts, to decorations to flower arrangements and the menu and everything else, it sure seems to be a hassle but for most, it’s also the most beautiful and most special day of their lives. So before you start to worry that the flower arrangements could ruin your wedding, here’s helping you plan a cinematic escape.

SOURCE: Etsy.com
SOURCE: Etsy.com

By the way, I’m not just talking about one movie – I’m talking about 5 because it will take a series of viewing excursions to help you gain some perspective. After all, from movies like “My Best Friend’s Wedding” to  “The Wedding Ringer“, it’s pretty obvious that Hollywood sure knows how to bring in the big bucks on the beautiful chaos that is “the big day”.


So, for soon-to-be married couples, or for anyone’s who looking for heartwarming movies that will give you a good laugh at the same time, here’s a list of some of the best wedding comedies of all time:

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)


Starring Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney and Cameron Diaz, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is about a woman who realises that she is in love with her longtime best friend. Of course, this realisation only comes after she learns that he’s about to marry another woman. The comedy starts when Julianne (played by Julia Roberts) flies to Chicago for the wedding and comes up with crazy schemes to prevent the wedding from happening.

Oh, and to top it all off, she’s the maid of honour.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Packed with love and laughs, 2002 Canadian-American romantic comedy film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was written and starred by Nia Vardalos. The movie hits close to home to those who experience similar situations as it’s about a young Greek woman’s efforts to make her family accept her non-Greek boyfriend.

The plot is as follows:


Everyone in the Portokalos family worries about Toula (played by Nia Vardalos). Still unmarried at 30 years old, she works at Dancing Zorba’s, the Greek restaurant owned by her parents, Gus (played by Michael Constantine) and Maria (played by Lainie Kazan). After taking a job at her aunt’s travel agency, she falls in love with Ian Miller (played by John Corbett), a teacher who is tall, handsome and definitely not Greek. Toula isn’t sure which will be more upsetting to her father, that Ian is a foreigner or that he’s a vegetarian.

Wedding Crashers (2005)

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson pair up in this hilarious yet raunchy comedy that is focused on a pair of womanisers who crashes weddings to take advantage of the romantic tinge in the air – think love is in the air.

Jeremy (played by Vince Vaughn) and John (played by Owen Wilson) are divorce mediators who spend their free time crashing wedding receptions. For the irrepressible duo, there are few better ways to drink for free and bed vulnerable women. So when Secretary of the Treasury William Cleary (played by Christopher Walken) announces the wedding of his daughter, the pair make it their mission to crash the high-profile event.

But their game hits a bump in the road when John locks eyes with bridesmaid Claire (played by Rachel McAdams).

“Wedding Crashers” is great as it’s not only funny, but also packed with beautiful and strong chemistry between characters as well as brilliant acting and great writing.

The Hangover (2009)

A bachelor’s party is somewhat compulsory when it comes to weddings – the best man takes the groom away for a party with his buddies and do things that the groom will never get the chance to do again. Sounds pretty harmless, no? Think again.

“The Hangover” takes you on a very wild bachelor’s party in Vegas that will have you gasping, laughing so hard, your tummy will start to ache.

Two days before his wedding, Doug (played by Justin Bartha) and 3 friends (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis) drive to Las Vegas for a wild and memorable stag party. In fact, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning, they can’t remember a thing; nor can they find Doug. With little time to spare, the 3 hazy pals try to re-trace their steps and find Doug so they can get him back to Los Angeles in time to walk down the aisle.

Take note that we are only recommending the first one because the sequels don’t offer anything new.

The Wedding Singer (1998)


Set in 1985, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore both star in this romantic comedy like no other. They both play individuals who are engaged to the wrong people who realise they’re in love with one another after several hilarious events. Charmingly genuine, “The Wedding Singer” will effortlessly win the hearts of all its viewers.

Are there any romantic wedding comedy movies that you enjoy? Share it with us by sounding off in the comments section.

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