As we approach 8th March 2015, we realise that it has been almost a year since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 vanished. It’s now considered to be the most mysterious incident in modern aviation.

Theories, we’ve seen and heard them all. But National Geographic’s Air Crash Investigation (ACI) episodes will usually have some of the best studies and are fairly well done.

Last known photo of MH370
Last known photo of MH370

Recently, ACI revealed that they were going to air a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 episode on 8th March to mark the first year anniversary of the plane’s disappearance. The 45-minute episode, titled “Malaysian 370: What Happened?” aims to dissect claims by aviation experts that the flight, carrying 227 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, was deliberately taken off course towards Antartica.


As with every other ACI episode, the producers will consolidate everything we’ve learned about the case (based on official documents, satellite data, and expert analysis of available evidence) and come up with the only plausible conclusion as to what really happened a year ago.

Let’s not forget that ACI is also known to customise their sets according to incidents/cases in terms of cabin mockups and cast.

Air Crash Investigation MH370

However, according to TRP, Astro’s communication division stated that National Geographic has informed them that the documentary will only be aired in the UK. It is unclear whether the programme will ever be broadcasted in Malaysia, but fortunately, the episode is available on YouTube.

Watch the ACI “Malaysian 370” episode here:

Air Crash Investigation What Happened to MH370… by Mayday90Falk

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