No, really, who is “Who Is Fancy”?

His debut single “Goodbye” has been playing across America over the last few weeks yet his identity remains a mystery. Managed by Big Machine Label Group’s Scott Borchetta and Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, the artiste chose to keep his identity private. In a media statement, the label said that he is an artiste who wants listeners to celebrate the artistry and songwriting by not focusing on whom he is at first and letting the music to speak for itself.

Who Is Fancy


The artiste won’t be guarding his identity for long, of course. He is already using social media to drop a few clues, including 3 different music videos that may reveal who Fancy is. However, the record labels kept the guessing game going by having 3 different people to play “Who Is Fancy”. According to Time, an administrator for the pop-music message board Pulse did a little research and came up with a conclusion that “Who Is Fancy” is Jake Hagood, a 23-year-old singer from Nashville.

His theory is as follows:

Last fall, Scott Borchetta mentioned him in a Billboard interview as an artist to watch, so I ended up keeping tabs on it — I then asked about it in the country forum and someone else agreed that it was probably Hagood. Even back then, all of his social media handles had been changed, and I couldn’t find old audio of him to confirm it. [I] did a little more searching tonight and there are a couple old Instagram comments that link to private profiles, one of which has/had “I AM FANCY” as part of the about/bio section … I also just found an FB post from Big Machine that had him turning 22 in March 2013.

However, neither Scott Borchetta nor Scooter Braun will confirm the report.

It didn’t take long for the song to catch on too as the artiste has already garnered a generous amount of fans including “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor and “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale. With powerhouse stations like Z100 in New York and KIIS in LA leading the way, the song is already making its way up in various major music charts including the #36 spot at Top 40 in the US, #6 on Shazam’s Future Hits Chart, and #87 on iTunes Music.

Check out all 3 music videos below:


So, which one of them is the real “Who Is Fancy”? Do you think “Who Is Fancy” is already an established artiste? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

For more information, visit Who Is Fancy’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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