It has happened.

Just yesterday, after weeks of teasing and leading their fans on, Zedd and Selena Gomez finally released the track that they were working on, titled “I Want You To Know”. It was important to Zedd, Selena, as well as their legions of fans because this could’ve very well been the song that “pulled” them together.

Because, oh you know, the dating rumours (poor Biebs) and all that jazz.


Zedd Selena Gomez

Of course, you would know by now that this young EDM genius scored big time in the past with his other tracks such as “Clarity” and “Stay The Night”, which always features incredibly talented (but perhaps underrated) female vocalists. He even went on to win the highly coveted Grammy in 2014 for “Clarity”. This time is a little bit different though, we have to say, because Selena was never known to be a vocal powerhouse per se.

That having said, “I Want You To Know” co-writer Ryan Tedder commented earlier this month after having heard the final product:

He crushed it, “I Want You To Know”. I went on a run today and listened to it on repeat in my headphones. And Selena did a bang-up job. She killed it.

Hey, if Ryan has insinuated that it’s awesome, perhaps it really is?

Listen to it here:

Like it? Don’t like it? If you want the song, get it off iTunes here.


Zedd and Selena Gomez’s “I Want You To Know” is likely to be featured in Zedd’s upcoming album. Now, where’s the music video that this duo were apparently working on?

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