Whoa, wait, what just happened? News broke yesterday that South Korean heartthrob actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong is expecting his first child and will become a father before this year is over.

Women’s magazine Women Sense, famed for breaking stories of celebrity scandals such as SNSD Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho, YG Entertainment producer Teddy and Han Ye Seul, and more recently, the relationship scandal between Hong Jong Hyun and Nana, were the first to report the news.

Kim Hyun Joong


In their March issue, they stated:

Kim Hyun Joong is back together with his ex-girlfriend who is two years older, and the girlfriend has recently become pregnant. The pregnant girlfriend is the same girlfriend who previously pressed legal charges against Kim Hyun Joong for assault.

Women Sense also said that a “close friend” of the couple confirmed that “Choi and Kim Hyun Joong have made up and are back together”, and that “She is 10 weeks and soon to be 4 months into her pregnancy”. Of course, we’re just as confused as everyone else is considering the legal troubles that both Kim Hyun Joong and his girlfriend went through just a couple of months ago.

In case you missed it, in August 2014, she accused him of assault. It was also revealed that at that time, they had been dating since 2012. Without a doubt, Kim Hyun Joong was thrown into the limelight and there were even rumours that he tried to delay his compulsory South Korean military enlistment so that he could deal with the assault charges files against him by his ex-girlfriend.

Kim Hyun Joong girlfriend text messages

That eventually cleared up after he offered a sincere and public apology to Choi as well as his fans. She then dropped the charges against him, and no one seemed to have heard anything about their relationship (or non relationship) for awhile.

Note: One of the four counts of physical violence initially reported by Choi was reviewed by the Seoul courts, and Kim Hyun Joong was fined 5 million won last month.

Fast forward to present time, he’s now apparently expecting his first child and will become a father this coming September. We’re not sure at which point the “baby making” happened, but Kim Hyun Joong definitely has more than he can handle on his plate right now! For starters, he is due to enlist in the army soon. Secondly, rumour has it that since Choi is pregnant, both families are discussing marriage and the child seriously.


Kim Hyun Joong in Japan Osaka 2014

His agency, however, has yet to respond to the news.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the above rumours are really true.

UPDATE (11am, 23rd Feb):

According to AKP, Key East Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the above rumours. They explained:

In regards to the assault case between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi, the agreement was made back in September. It is true that Kim Hyun Joong and Choi met after the lawsuit, however, they decided to break up towards the end of the year. A few days after, (early January of this year) Choi told Kim Hyun Joong that she was pregnant.

Kim Hyun Joong and his parents have attempted to contact Choi and Choi’s parents and requested that both families meet and discuss the current situation of the expectant mother and make a visit to the agreed hospital and doctor for examination. However, Choi denied these requests and currently cannot be contacted.

Yesterday (22nd Feb) after the reports, Kim Hyun Joong attempted to contact Choi again to confirm the pregnancy, but was not able receive a response. Rumours of both families meeting and discussing marriage are groundless. Kim Hyun Joong stated that if Choi’s pregnancy is true, then he will be taking on the necessary responsibilities.We ask to refrain from releasing news reports that stretch the meanings of one sided opinions when the truth has not yet been confirmed.

And the plot thickens. We’ll update this post with more information as soon as we have ’em.

Sources: TV Report, AKP.

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