We know, right? When we initially came across some headlines this morning, it sent shocks through our systems too. And in case you missed it, rumours are now flying about with regards to Emma Watson’s and Prince Harry’s love lives. Or should we say, their love life?

Word about their “relationship” initially surfaced when Australian publication Woman’s Day wrote that Prince Harry has been going out on secret dates with “Harry Potter” star-turned-UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson. The magazine was thoroughly descriptive, explaining how they came to know each other i.e. Prince Harry wrote Emma an e-mail.

Emma Watson Prince Harry


We quote:

Woman’s Day can exclusively reveal the pair are having secret dates with each other and are getting to know each other quite well.

When Harry heard she had split from her British rugby player boyfriend Matthew Janney at the end of last year, he called on mutual friends to help him hook up with the actress.

He then sent Emma a short email saying that he would “like to get to know her” and invited her out.

Although 12 other friends went along too to make Emma feel a little more comfortable, the pair hit it off!

“Harry didn’t want her to feel like she was put on the spot,” explains one insider. “A party also shows he’s fun and not stuffy.”

“He’s smitten – and it’s more than Emma’s looks.”

It doesn’t seem very farfetched since Emma met Prince Harry’s older brother, Prince William at a cancer charity event last May – a gala dinner that was held to celebrate the work of The Royal Marsden Hospital of which Prince William is the president. The question is, is it true?


Is Emma Watson really dating the fifth in line to the throne (once Kate Middleton gives birth to her second child)?

Prince William & Emma Watson at a charity cancer event in May 2014 (Source: www.express.co.uk)
Prince William & Emma Watson at a charity cancer event in May 2014 (Source: www.express.co.uk)

Huffington Post Entertainment seems to think otherwise, calling it a “wonderful piece of fan fiction” and stating that the piece of “news” is a “dream up universe” by Woman’s Day.

We quote:

The tabloid has crafted a tale in which the prince had a mutual friend set him up with the 24-year-old actress, and followed up with an email that said he would “like to get to know her”. While the pair went on a group date with 12 other pals they apparently “hit it off,” and now Harry is just “smitten”.

Our take? Only time will tell if this rumour was indeed true. besides, the British Royal Family aren’t exactly new to fairytale marriages e.g. Prince Charles and Lady Diana, Prince William and Kate Middleton. And as far as fairytales go, we’d only believe this “Prince Harry and Emma Watson are dating” story if there were pictures to prove it!

As they all say, “Pictures or it didn’t happen!”

Emma Watson

Meanwhile, Emma Watson will be seen next in the live-action adaptation of the Disney classic, “Beauty and the Beast”, where she will be doing some singing and yes, be well on her way to becoming a princess.

A Disney one, that is.

Sources: Woman’s Day, HuffPost Ent.

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