Sesame Street is no stranger to social media. In fact, they’ve been pretty proactive about staying in touch with their fans beyond just being on TV. For starters, did you know that there’s an actual Sesame Street YouTube channel? Not only that, it has also since clocked more than a billion views and more than 1.2 million subscribers to date. There are many reasons why they need a YouTube channel – because kids these days watch a lot of whatever it is that they watch on a daily basis via (their parents’) smartphones or tablets.

That and people like us who like to shamelessly watch special Sesame Street features e.g. John Mayer with Elmo on Sesame Street, Jason Mraz singing “Outdoors” on Sesame Street, Katy Perry being “Hot N Cold” on Sesame Street, have an easier alternative.


Because, you know, Sesame Street ain’t just for kids 😉

But enough about our guilty pleasure! On to the actual news of the day – did you know that Sesame Street and its characters also have Twitter accounts? For example, beloved Sesame Street stalwart Big Bird has had a Twitter account since 2012 and so does Cookie Monster, Elmo, Count, and Oscar.

The difference is that Big Bird’s Twitter account has been pretty dormant – until Valentine’s Day:

Is that not the best tweet (pun totally intended) you’ve ever seen in your life?

Then, he quickly got the hang of things because his second post later read, “Oh! Now I get it. Big Bird here, live on Twitter!” Of course, after it began, there was no stopping Big Bird as he went on to have a Twitter conversation with another fellow Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster. In case you missed it, here:

Big Bird Twitter
Source: Big Bird’s Twitter

Needless to say, within just a day, the beloved yellow giant bird gained about, oh, only 10,000 odd followers. Are you one of ’em? 😉

Follow Big Bird on Twitter here.

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