Ice cream fangirls/fanboys, listen up!

Hailing all the way from Korea, Milkcow set the Malaysian dessert scene abuzz with its unique honeycomb ice cream. Served in a cone or cup, the signature soft serve ice cream at Milkcow is a honeycomb ice cream which is made out of 90% organic milk and topped with fine quality honey. From the bitter dark honey to the sweet pale honey, there are many different honey flavours to choose from and the menu offers a wide selection of toppings such as macaroon, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and so on.

Milkcow Honeycomb Ice Cream


The soft serve ice cream without the toppings priced at RM8 while the rest are priced at RM11 or RM13, depending on the toppings. The Milkycube flavour is the most recommended flavour, but Macao Dream is a great alternative because the popcorn macaron isn’t too sweet nor flavourless.

The brand opened its first Malaysian outlet at The Garden Malls, Mid Valley City on 7th Nov 2014 and had its official grand launch on 28th Nov 2014.

Milkcow Malaysia Official Launch

Milkcow Malaysia’s first outlet at The Gardens Mall measures just over 200-sq-ft and space is very limited but that’s only because Milkcow Malaysia did not expect the response to be that crazy. Now that the brand is gaining wider appeal in Malaysia, their plan to open 2 more outlets is well underway. In fact, we were initially told that the brand was planning to open a café-style outlet by the end of 2015!

But big café-style outlet plans aside, we recently spotted a little teaser for an upcoming Milkcow Malaysia outlet on their Facebook page:


Well, before we divulge you with answers, where do you think the next outlet might be located at, based on the teaser artwork’s obvious background? You already know that the first outlet is located in a Kuala Lumpur mall that’s famed for what is believed the highest traffic count in terms of visitors/shoppers. Which themed mall would’ve landed in the crosshair of Milkcow Malaysia, making it worthy to be home to its next outlet?


Hint: It’s a mall in Petaling Jaya.

And if you guessed Sunway Pyramid, you’re absolutely right! The unique South Korean ice cream experience (aside from Jipangi Malaysia) is making its way over to the bustling mall. This was also confirmed by some eagle-eyed Facebook users:

You know what they say – “Pics or it didn’t happen!”, so there you go 😉

No exact date has been given for Milkcow Malaysia’s Sunway Pyramid opening yet, but what we do know is that it’s located near Phiten and Guardian Pharmacy on the lower ground floor. And from the looks of it, it won’t be long now before it’s open to public.

We’ll update this post with more deets as soon as we have ’em! Meanwhile, if you’re looking to treating yourself with delectable servings (yes, servings) of ice cream today, get your scoops of happiness at one of our favourite ice cream joints in Klang Valley.

UPDATE (10th March, 10pm):

Alright, peeps. If you’re going to be anywhere in the Sunway area this Friday (13th March), don’t forget to make a pitstop at Sunway Pyramid for Milkcow Malaysia’s second outlet’s official launch! As all sweet deals go, Milkcow Malaysia Sunway Pyramid will be giving away 300 of their brand new ice cream, “The Milky Pop”, for free 😉

For the first 300 in line, of course.


Don’t say we didn’t share!

For more information, visit Milkcow Malaysia’s Facebook page / Featured image from here.

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