Remember that episode of #Taylurking where singer-songwriter Taylor Swift aka Tay Tay was videoed buying, wrapping, and shipping out personalised pressies to Swifties? In case you missed it, #Taylurking is a term (a play on “lurking”) that was coined by the pop darling herself, which took the social media universe by storm.

In not so many words, it simply means “Taylor Swift stalking her fans” – sorta. So if you’re going to say something nice about her on the interwebs, chances are she will hunt you down and make you cry (in a good way).

Taylor Swift 2015 GRAMMYs
Taylor Swift at the 57th GRAMMY Awards

She did it again recently at the 57th GRAMMY Awards. A fan named Jill mentioned on Tumblr that she was going to the awards too and Tay Tay saw the post.


Of course, she replied:

Tay Tay Jill GRAMMYs
Taylor Swift Jill GRAMMYs


According to Jill, she wasn’t expecting much.

She wrote her account on her Tumblr where she explained:

I didn’t want to get my hopes up because I didn’t want to be crushed and I know how much Taylor has going on at the Grammy’s so I wouldn’t be that sad if it didn’t happen. So I was at the show with Kevin, and we had pretty good seats, good enough to where I had a good view of Taylor and could see her awesome dance moves and what she was doing or who she was talking to etc.

Then lo and behold, Tay Tay sent her trusty publicist to “Section PR 15” at the GRAMMYs to look for Jill and thankfully, the publicist found her. After which, Jill and her date, Kevin, was escorted to the VIP section under the stage to meet her idol. Before being led to where Tay Tay Swift was seated, Jill even managed to utter a word of congratulations to Sam Smith and grabbed a hug from him.

And then, it happened – she met Taylor Swift, who instantly recognised her and shouted, “Hey Jill!” Long story short, Tay Tay complimented Jill’s dress (“Girl, look at your dress”), hugged her, told Jill that she and her date “look cute together”, and took selfies with her. Because, you know, Tay Tay never disappoints – ever.

Oh, and the GRAMMYs date that Jill was with the entire time? Apparently now officially an item, with blessing from Tay Tay of course 😉


Read Jill’s account here and be jealous.

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