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Following in the success of 2014’s Special Release for Year of the Horse, Johnnie Walker Blue Label now returns with a special release for 2015 – Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Ram that features a design with superior artistry.

The Chinese character for “Ram” is of ancient lineage and endowed with profound cultural implications. It serves as the root of the characters for both auspicious and beautiful, and for this reason it has long been linked with good fortune. Likewise, in Chinese culture, decorations in the shape of rams or sheep are representation of beauty.



In addition, the ram’s character is naturally fearless of heights, unshakable in determination and able to overcome soaring peaks in order to achieve higher elevations, similar to many successful Johnnie Walker Blue Label enthusiasts, who continuously challenge themselves, striving for more success and higher achievements with a spirit of resolve.

All these special connotations meet in the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Ram Special Release. Using the techniques of traditional Chinese ink painting with a light-as-air white brushstroke, the bottle’s design perfectly combines visual art with calligraphy, conveying the written character for Ram in the Walking Style script, integrated within a sweeping depiction of a ram atop a lofty overlook. Poised with the noble air of a monarch, the image gives out an air of aristocratic grandeur and a subtle Eastern aesthetic.


The bottle pictures three rams, all-standing in lordly positions, a traditional reference to the Book of Changes portending a New Year of great fortune. Its royal deep blue colour resonates brilliantly with the unique complexity of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

This special release is also designed in a way that if four bottles are placed side by side, they unfold in a single image, like a magnificent Chinese scroll painting. This tasteful limited edition is of particular value to collectors.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Ram Special Release is now officially for sale through private sales and in retails such as Mercato and Jason’s Food Hall at RM777 per bottle (750ml/bottle).

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