On 9th Feb (Monday), a popular outdoor recreation and hiking spot in Selangor was hit by a forest fire. Broga Hill, which also goes by the name “Bukit Lalang”, boasts beautiful peaks where hikers can enjoy a picturesque view of the sunrise. Broga takes its name from the River Broga which runs through the area. The name Broga is believed to be derived from Buragas, a mythical beast that lives in the forest.

Sadly, at 4:30pm that fateful late afternoon, a fire left most of its greenery and mythical beauty in ashes.

Broga Hill
Source: Wikipedia

The news was later confirmed by Selangor Fire and Rescue Department Assistant Director of Operations Mohd Sani Harul (to Siakapkeli), who said that his officers received an emergency call at about 4:44pm. According to him, two fire and rescue teams (a total of 11 crew members and one officer) were dispatched from Semenyih and Kajang to put out the fire.


It was not only until later that night that the fire was finally put out.

Source: Siakapkeli
Source: Siakapkeli

However, as seen in the picture above, by then most of the vegetation covering the hill were burnt/unsalvageable because the fire had spread so fast.

Source: Siakapkeli.

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