Ever imagined what could or would happen if someone chucked Maroon 5 lead Adam Levine in a super fast supercar and made him sing? Wonder no more, because it just happened not too long ago.

You see, Nissan recently approached the talented singer with a “Nissan GT-R Challenge” and offered him chance to ride in the sports coupe as part of a special partnership but on one condition – he had to sing. And by that, we mean that he had to sing while getting whipped around in the Nissan 545-horsepower car also known as the GT-R.

Adam Levine Nissan GTR Sugar


His response?

Challenge accepted, of course!

Adam Levine Nissan GTR Challenge

And what better song to belt out for the challenge than the new Maroon 5 single, “Sugar”? We know, we know, the so-called “multiple wedding crashing” music video garnered a lot of hate on the interwebs not long after it was revealed that the entire thing was actually staged. But hey, this Nissan GT-R one actually turned out quite unconventional and comical – and we like it.

Listen to his live rendition of “Sugar” here:


It’s safe to say that this is the Maroon 5, or rather, Adam Levine version of “Sugar” that we like better! After all, the video allowed us to view him in a completely different light – did you not see the way he clapped his hands at the end of the video like a little boy? Exactly 😀


Note: The partnership marks an expansion of the automaker’s existing multi-season sponsorship of “The Voice”. New program elements include a series of on-air vignettes featuring Adam Levine and several S7 contestants in video segments. Adam Levine has been also featured in Nissan’s “Red Thumb” campaign to address the issue of deaths as a result of texting and driving.

What do you guys think of this version of “Sugar” though? Yay or nay? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below!

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