Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi said “Yes!” to her rocker boyfriend Wang Feng’s marriage proposal at her birthday party yesterday.

According to Chinese portal NetEase, a white drone carrying a diamond ring flew in to romantic music as 43-year-old Wang Feng went down on one knee. Zhang Ziyi, surprised to tears, answered a firm “yes” amid cheers and applause from an audience that included singers Na Ying and Wang Leehom, who was accompanied by his wife Lee Jinglei.

*Pictures from AsiaOne.


As seen in the gallery above, pictures online showed Zhang Ziyi standing behind a tall wedding cake, her hands over her face, as the crooner reached into a basket beneath the hovering unmanned aerial vehicle.

“I do!” she posted afterwards to her Sina Weibo microblog account, above a picture of fireworks:

Zhang Ziyi Weibo

The post was forwarded more than 100,000 times and received more than 60,000 comments, most of them congratulatory.

Wang Feng has had two prior marriages, and divorced his second wife in 2013. He posted to his official microblog on Sunday (8th Feb):

Thanks for giving me a perfect life — all hardships are already in the past. From here on out, we’ll grow old hand-in-hand.


Last November, Zhang Ziyi, who turned 36 recently, had reportedly told news portal Sina Entertainment that her wedding date “should be soon” as she was “not getting any younger”. She later told The New Paper in December that it was the media, not her, who kept pushing Wang to marry her.


Source: AsiaOne, The Guardian.

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