Last Friday (30th Jan), German DJ/producer Moguai made his way back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a one-night only performance. The dance music legend who was last in Kuala Lumpur in 2013 gave Zouk Club KL and fans a much needed fun night out playing some of his greatest hits as well as remixes of old and new dance tracks.

Two years on from when he was last in town, we find out what Moguai has been up to and if he was as stoked as we were about coming back to Kuala Lumpur.



Hey André, how’s it going?

Hey you! Very well, thank you. How are you?

I’m great, thanks. Let’s get in on your background a little − how did you first get started in the music industry?

I started studying law in Germany and I needed to finance myself so I was really into music so I thought, “Why not start making music?” It started with me playing every weekend in a club while I was still studying, then the shows grew. I started playing more shows in Germany, then in Europe, then worldwide and I made my own records, had my first top 10 hit in 1998 which led to me making a decision to skip law and to get into music full on. I grew up with music, I always collected and paid attention to any kind of style so I’m really happy for making the decision I did.

And do you think you would be practising law if you hadn’t gotten into producing?

Maybe, maybe not (laughs). My first plan was to become a musician at 20 but then, no (laughs).



What artistes were your greatest influences when you first started producing and making music?

Sven Väth. He was very big at that time in Germany and I grew up listening to him on the radio. I was a big fan of him because he was very versatile. He didn’t just place techno or trance or house, he played everything and that’s what I grew up listening to. He was a big influence because I do the same with my performances. I don’t only play electro house, or a big room sounds or whatever – I make a big mixture with my own style which to me is one of the most important things because it is a distinct Moguai sound.

Speaking of your style of music, how would you describe it?

It’s emotional, it’s rough, it’s edgy, it’s different but has a lot of hope. It also allows you to rage to it so you can have a good time and that’s the most important thing.

That’s a really nice way to describe your sound. What would you say has changed the most in the dance music world from when you first started?

A lot has changed. I think right now it’s about the music but also the scene in a whole. When I first started, all people needed was a room, some turntables and a mixer. Now, you need a great club, great locations, and big names because everybody wants to hear the superstars and the hits. It has changed so much, that it has become so mainstream but I like it. I like it a lot because it I can reach more people with my music. I like it, but I also like how I grew up because I get to experience both sides and that has helped me with my production because it encourages and helps me produce different music from the others. Everything sounds the same now and it’s getting boring but my music never sounds the same (laughs).

SOURCE: Zouk Club KL - Facebook
SOURCE: Zouk Club KL – Facebook

You had two albums released on Mau5trap by deadmau5. What led to that and how has it affected your career?

It started with Mau5trap just because I thought it was perfect for Mau5trap. That lead to me making 37 tracks for Mau5trap. It helped me a lot in my career because it brought me to the international DJ circuit. Before that I toured Germany a lot and I was hosting 4 radio shows so I was big in Germany and Europe but not worldwide. Then I produced music for Mau5trap and everything blew up so it helped me very much.

What are you working on right – collaborations/originals?

I did a follow up for “Mammoth” with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. We did a new track which I will testing tonight. I also did a new track with Cobra Effect, which I will also play tonight. I will also be working on some older stuff, a rework EP of my older stuff that most people don’t know of because these tracks are about 12 years old and I want to bring them in with a new look this 2015.

Cool. What else is in the pipeline for you this 2015?

I’m working on a new album (smiles cheekily).

Can you tell us a little more on the album?

(Shakes head) Nope, I don’t want to. It will be different though.

You’re not going to give us anything?

Nope (laughs)

What about when we can expect it to be release?

Maybe this year.

SOURCE: Moguai - Facebook
SOURCE: Moguai – Facebook

Okay, we’ll definitely keep a lookout for your album. Last one, if you had to give up one of these, which would you pick – food or sex?

(Jaw drops) What?! (Keeps silent for a good 10 seconds) Hmm…food. You’re cheeky, that was a very difficult question (laughs).

Catches you off guard, doesn’t it? Thank you so much André.

It sure does (laughs). Thank you and I’ll see you out there tonight!

We had such a blast chatting with Moguai, who was super down to earth and funny. Big thanks to our friends from Zouk Club KL for arranging this interview for us and allowing us to wrap our first month of 2015 in style.

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