Undeniably the most famous champagne on earth,Dom Pérignon, is one of the most prestigious wine of any kind. The brand’s label and bottle design have been icons for the longest time, and during this whole period, very little about Dom Pérignon has changed. Until now, that is.

Dom Pérignon celebrated the global reveal of P2-1998 in breathtaking Iceland by way of a special event that showcased the spirits of its Second Plénitude in the presence of Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy.

Arnaud de Saignes and Richard Geoffroy
Arnaud de Saignes and Richard Geoffroy

The launch of Dom Pérignon P2 in the beautiful and mineral landscape of Iceland was truly a spectacular event, during which guests from across the globe had the timeless experience discovering both the country and the wine from Hautvillers.

A land like no other, Iceland, was an obvious and perfect choice as the location for the launch of Dom Pérignon P2 to illustrate energy at its peak. P2, the Second Plénitude of Dom Pérignon, is an intense, detailed and vibrant facet of the wine, similar to the landscapes of Iceland.

P2 box and bottle at Gigjokull Glacier - Dom Perignon P2 reveal Iceland

The experience unveiled Dom Pérignon’s Second Plénitude around four magical places in Iceland: Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Gígjökull glacier, Dyrhólaeyjarviti lighthouse, and a private party in a hidden place.

All four magical places gave guests an experience charged with energy that matches the personality of Dom Pérignon’s Second Plénitude.

DOM PERIGNON - VINTAGE 1998 (Web) [MHISWF078186 Revision-1]

Dom Pérignon P2-1998 will available in 75cl from March 2015 onwards. For further enquiry, please call (603) 2053 8611 or email Eric or Hazel from MHDM directly.

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