You haven’t seen an awesome “We Are The Champions” cover video until you’ve seen the one that TV show host Jimmy Fallon pulled off in conjunction with this year’s Super Bowl.

On Sunday’s (1st Feb) “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy rounded up a tonne of your favourite music stars e.g. Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, One Direction, Carrie Underwood, Meghan Trainor, Blake Shelton, and oh yes, even Christina Aguilera, to perform an out-of-this-world cover of popular anthem, “We Are The Champions”. The results? Like we said, out of this world!



Jimmy also previously got Miley Cyrus in on performing an acapella version of “We Can’t Stop“, which completely changed whatever misconceptions we had about her vocal prowess. He also made our Christmas last year that much more warm and fuzzy with his little “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” gig with One Direction.

Great stuff! We wonder why Nicole Kidman decided to not go out with him that many years ago. Baffling.


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