SOURCE: - Facebook
SOURCE: – Facebook

Joining in Fergie and’s footsteps,, one of the original founders of the Black Eyed Peas, is stepping out for a solo album too! His full-length, AP3, is due for release early this year and he’s officially released the video for the AP3 track “Be.”

“Be” goes back to an early ’00s hip-hop sound, featuring a mix of Dr.Dre/Scott Storch keyboards and rugged New York rap percussion. The video for the track sets in the middle of a violent video-game landscape along with Canadian-Cambodian rapper Honey Cocaine and singer Jessica Reysono. Identical twin host of Miami’s Hits 97.3, Lulu & Lala also make a video-game world cameo.

Mixing reality with the virtual world, the video explores techonology’s impact on relationships. Watch as lives every gamer’s dream in the music video for “Be” below:


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