Is “lead a healthier lifestyle” part of your 2015 resolution? Do you pledge to eat cleaner, work out more, drink more water, consume more fruits, and perhaps load up on juice instead of coffee or alcohol? Great! Then you can start with jumping onto the “cold-pressed juice” bandwagon.

What is “cold-pressed juice” and how is it different from the average off-the-shelf juices?

Cold press is a technology and “cold-pressed juice” are juices that are extracted by pressing the fruit instead of using centrifugal force to extract the juice. The latter method creates heat which can destroy the nutrients in the juice. It uses little or no heat, so the nutrients, minerals and enzymes can be absorbed in their purest form. Water, sugar, and preservatives are never added.

Example of cold-press juicer (Source:
Example of cold-press juicer (Source:

The result? What you get is pure juice that’s readily absorbed into the bloodstream to provide instant nourishment whilst solid fruit can take a few hours to digest. It also allowed you to clean and rejuvenate your body almost au naturale 😉

Where can you get your hands on this pure “cold-pressed juice” wonderfulness, you ask? We’ve narrowed down some popular names that have been quite the talk of the town. The best part is that some even deliver these ah-may-zing juices right to your doorstep!

Juicy Retreat

Juicy Retreat promises the purest and naked form of nutrient from mother nature’s offerings, making it simple, healthy, and easy on the go for you. In fact, they lovingly craft their detox juice for you by handpicking all natural and organic produces, making it hassle-and-fuss-free while you soak up all the essential nutrients.

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Juicy Retreat Cold-Pressed Juice Malaysia
Source: Juicy Retreat’s Facebook page

You can even order it online here.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.


La Juiceria

At La Juiceria, they believe in a different approach in making the perfect juice – the cold-pressed way. It allows them to protect the nutrients and flavour of raw fruits and vegetables that they bring into their juicery. Rest assured, there will be no added preservatives, colour or flavour in all 15 of their variety of juices which nature didn’t put there.

We’ll let their video speak for them:

La Juiceria’s juices can be found at 22, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8 or Mid-Valley Megamall (LGK-08 Lower Ground Floor, near Jusco Supermarket and McDonalds, and T-005B Third Floor, near the cinema).

You can even order it online here.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

Lifestyle Juicery

The idea of Lifestyle Juicery was born out of a simple and desperate need to lead a healthier lifestyle in our country. Replace your meals with their nutritious, raw, and cold-pressed juices, made from only the freshest ingredients, and packed with awesome nutrients and enzymes. Their juice cleanse program is the perfect kick-starter to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Lifestyle Juicery Cold-Pressed Juice Malaysia
Source: Lifestyle Juicery’s Facebook page

You can even order it online here.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

Unicorn Pressed Juice

Unicorn Pressed Juice champions bottled magical goodness laden with superfoods such as premium quality fruits, nuts, and vegetables. After months of hard work toiling to make the perfect blends, they’ve lovingly created these colourful blends. To ensure freshness and prevent oxidation, their juices are pressed only after they have been ordered. Protip? Go for their Rainbow Cleanse 😉

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Unicorn Pressed Juice
Source: Unicorn Pressed Juice’s Facebook page

Unicorn Pressed Juice delivers to KLCC, Bangsar, Mont Kiara and Damansara Heights areas.

You can even order it online here.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

Strip Juice

Strip Juice was an initiative built to change the lifestyle of a personal household for the better. Strip Juice has no preservatives, no added sugar, not made from concentrates and no added flavouring/colouring. They use whole good-quality fruits to cold press out every single bottle so you get 100% fresh juice in every sip. Because each and every single bottle is cold pressed on the day of delivery, you get the freshest juice possible delivered right to your doorstep. To be honest, we’re totally eyeing their “Honey Almond Milk” oh yum!

Strip Juice Honey Almond Milk
Source: Strip Juice’s Facebook page

You can even order it online here.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

The Organic Juicery

Source: The Organic Juicery's Facebook page
Source: The Organic Juicery’s Facebook page

The Organic Juicery has high quality, nutritional, and organic juice cleanse programmes with the availability of vegetable juices, nut milks, and clean eating meals made only from organic ingredients. They’re dedicated to finding the best of these local ingredients, extracting what’s good, and bottling it up to share with you. Sure, some of their juices are acquired tastes (read: kale, beet, spinach, salad-in-a-bottle), but you can bet they take pride in creating delicious juices that can cleanse, detoxify, and even transform your diet 😉

Oh, and if you recycle your The Organic Juicery bottles via their bottle exchange program, you’ll get up to RM1 (per 500ml bottle) or RM0.50 (per 250ml bottle) off your next purchase for every bottle you return.

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You can even order it online here.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

LifeJuice Co.

LifeJuice Co. makes handcrafted cold pressed juices that are unpasteurised from 100% pure fruits and vegetables. We have designed a new way of attaining optimal health and well-being. Their extensive nutritionally complete range offers not just wholesome nourishment, but a timeless experience. Their juices contain organic superfoods to provide the liquid nutrition you need to be at your best. No added sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial colours – it is as simple as real, living, wholesome produce transformed into natural liquid nutrition.

Source: LifeJuice Co.'s Facebook page
Source: LifeJuice Co.’s Facebook page

LifeJuice Co. is located at Ground Floor, Lot GK 111, 1 Utama (Old Wing), Bandar Utama, Selangor.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

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