Just today, AirAsia Bhd announced via their Facebook page that they’ll be abolishing their fuel surcharge fees across all airlines in the group. This includes its low-cost long-haul affiliates, AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia X, and Indonesia AirAsia X, in line with declining global oil prices.

Why did AirAsia even collect fuel surcharge fees to begin with?

The price of fossil fuels and jet fuels are constantly increasing. To ensure we maintain low fares for you our base fares will be kept constant. In relation to fuel surcharge, it is determined by the length of your flight. Longer flights require more fuel and hence a higher fuel surcharge. Depending on what route you are flying, the fuel surcharge will be calculated and shown when you are making your booking.


AirAsia was the first airline to abolish fuel surcharge for all its domestic and international flights back in 2008, however rocketing fuel prices forced the airline to re-introduce fuel surcharge into its fares in 2011.


With the removal of fuel surcharge from its fares effective today, all AirAsia fares will consist of only the base fare, administration fee and airport tax so you can enjoy even lower cost when traveling with AirAsia.

Before the removal of fuel surcharge, the final amount you pay consists of:

  1. Air Fare
  2. Fuel Surcharge
  3. Administration Fee
  4. Airport Tax
Source: www.jepretgrafer.com
Source: www.jepretgrafer.com

Now, you will only need to pay for:

  1. Air Fare
  2. Administration Fee
  3. Airport Tax

Of course, the abolishment of the fuel surcharge is expected to further reduce travel costs and stimulate more demand for travel and tourism! In fact, guests will be able to find domestic flights from as low as RM19 one way all-in, and international flights from RM49 one way all-in.

Read the official statement below:

AirAsia Fuel Surcharge


For more information, visit AirAsia’s website or Facebook page.

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