Surprise, surprise!

Kris Wu Yifan‘s diehard fans will be glad to know that his first movie, “Somewhere Only We Know“, will be brought into Malaysia by our friends from GSC Movies! GSC Movie Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor with the largest variety in movie entertainment. They also distribute non-mainstream and award-winning films such as The King’s Speech, The Fighter, Slumdog Millionaire, and Departures to cater to the more discerning viewer.

More recently, they announced that they’ll be screening “Naruto: The Last” at selected GSC outlets nationwide.


Kris Wu Yi Fan Somewhere Only We Know

“Somewhere Only We Know” (有一个地方只有我们知道) is an upcoming 2015 Chinese romantic drama film directed by Xu Jinglei. The movie will be based on the romantic endeavours of a career woman and star other rookie actors, although ex-EXO member Kris will play the male lead. Filming started on 24th June this year in Prague, Czech Republic, not long after Kris filed for lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Kris also penned and recorded a song titled, “There Is A Place” for the movie.

The main “Somewhere Only We Know” cast consists of:

  • Xu Jinglei herself
  • Kris Wu Yifan
  • Wang Likun
  • Zhang Chao
  • Re Yizha

In case you missed the teaser trailer, watch it here:

“Somewhere Only We Know” is expected to be released on Valentine’s Day 2015.

But wait, on to the bigger news! As mentioned above, GSC Movies will be bringing the film to Malaysia. We know this because GSC Movies posted up several “teasers” on their Facebook page, indicating will be able to watch it after all 😉

The first teaser was posted on 21st Jan:



While the second was posted on 23rd Jan:


Note: Both teasers’ captions quote the movie.

No further details about the “Somewhere Only We Know” screening has been released as of yet though. One thing’s for sure – Malaysian fans of “galaxy fanfan” will definitely be able to watch him in action in his first ever film 😉

UPDATE (5th Feb.)]:

Finally, it has been confirmed that “Somewhere Only We Know” will be shown in Malaysia!

However, according to GSC Movies’ Facebook page, the movie will only be shown for a week this Valentine’s Day. GSC has not released any details about the movie showtimes yet and it is unclear if the film will get a limited release in Malaysia.  As of now, it’s confirmed that the movie is slated for release on 12th Feb 2015 and it will be shown until 18th Feb 2015.

For more information, hit up GSC Movies’ Facebook page.

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