We’re about a week away from the Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2015 lineup announcement and you can bet we’re super excited about it, for many reasons. Firstly, this would mark FMFA’s maiden voyage to our neighbouring party hub, Singapore. Secondly, the next announcement is expected to be a sizeable addition the FMFA 2015 artistes/acts that were already revealed last month.

In case you missed it, the first wave includes big names such as Afrojack, Avicii, Bassjackers, Blasterjaxx, Carnage, Example, Fatboy Slim, Gorgon City, Knife Party, Nero, The Prodigy, and Darude. It also included local as well as regional artistes such as Andrew T, Bud Culture, Dangerdisko, Mr. Nasty & Guruguru, Terence C, and more.



And if those names weren’t already enough to promise good times at FMFA 2015, a certain anonymous person aka “John Doe” decided to drop a bomb on our writer, Bryna, just yesterday.

The said “John Doe” sent an anonymous e-mail which said:

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.41.04 PM
Source: Bryna Kaur

It all looked very unsuspicious until we took a closer look at the attachment, which revealed some FMFA 2015 set times.


FMFA 2015 Set Times

By the looks of it, it could be a working file that was meant for internal usage only – perhaps between Livescape Asia’s artiste and creative departments? But if you looked at it closely, you’d see that the Excel-looking sheet that was open and on display (long enough for someone to snap a picture of it) came from a tab named, “SET TIMES (FINAL)”.




We know, right? Oh my gosh?

Here’s another thing to take into consideration – the set times might eventually change closer to 13th and 14th March, because lots can happen between now and then e.g. rearrangement of artistes, delayed flights, other technical issues, etc. That aside, this leaked image does let us in on the remaining artistes that are supposed to be revealed only on 29th Jan!

They are:

  • Ferry Corsten
  • Markus Schulz
  • Goldfish & Blink
  • Tenishia
  • Protoculture

Oh my gosh! Best of all, when both Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz are added to the bill, it could mean that FMFA 2015 festivalgoers might be able to not only catch their individual sets but also witness a New World Punx (NWP) festival set 😀

Note: New World Punx (NWP), is a collaboration between high-energy DJ duo consisting of Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten. The name derives from Markus Schulz’s hit, “The New World”, and Ferry Corsten’s massive anthem, “Punk”.

Furthermore, we did catch Markus Schulz posting up a very suspicious yet indicative tweet about a month ago about going to Singapore “in a few months again”.

In case you missed it, here:

Mindblown yet?

Before we wrap this up, let’s try to figure out where the “John Doe” e-mail originate from. A Google search for the e-mail address, “[email protected]” failed to return any searches. Well, obviously. We did, however, manage find his/her IP address, thanks to GMail’s “Show original” feature. After which, we keyed it into an IP address tracking site, which performs an IP address lookup and finds the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and country of origin.

The results? Here:

FMFA 2015 Leaked E-Mail IP Tracker
Source: aruljohn.com/ip/

There’s no guarantee that it’s 100% accurate or if it’s the exact location as pointed out by Google Maps but it’s a rough indication of where it could’ve come from – Singapore. We even found “19 Taiseng Drive” on Google Maps, if it’s of any interest to anyone.


19 Taiseng Drive (Source: Google Maps)
19 Taiseng Drive (Source: Google Maps)

We highly doubt that “John Doe” was at StarHub when he/she sent the e-mail. We do know, however, that the e-mail was sent from an iPhone (as stated in the e-mail signoff) so we’re guessing that the said anonymous leaker has a StarHub phone plan, probably. Which explains the ISP 🙂

Anyway, we’ve since notified Livescape Asia of the leak, to which Head of PR Jason Kong said:

We are aware of the leak and we’ve launched an internal investigation to determine the source of the leak.

What do you think? Are the names in the set times leak legit? If they are, are you looking forward to seeing any of those artistes/acts? Let us know in the comments box below! Meanwhile, don’t forget to buy your FMFA 2015 tickets before the second release tickets are all snapped up. Go here to purchase ’em.

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