Phew, that’s a close call!

Rumours have emerged that South Korean model-turned-actor Hong Jonghyun is currently dating After School’s Nana as they have been reported to be in relationship for 7 months.

Hong Jonghyun & After School's Nana


The dating news was first reported by female magazine Woman Sense, the same magazine that broke other celebrity dating news. According to the February 2015 issue of Woman Sense, Hong Jonghyun was introduced to After School’s Nana through Onstyle’s “Style Log”, a trendy show they co-hosted with Jo Minho last year.

The magazine wrote that the two developed feelings for each other during the show and began dating at the end of last year. The two were spotted on multiple dates and they were seen visiting an amusement park in Incheon Wolmido last Christmas. It was further revealed that Nana was seen spending time together with Hong Jonghyun near his house in Gangnam.

Best known for her cheerful personality, Nana was said to have affectionally called him “Jjong~”

Nana and Hong Jong Hyun

Nana’s agency has quickly debunked the rumour through an official statement and told OSEN that “the rumours are groundless” and said “the two are close but they are not a couple”. Hong Jong Hyun has yet to respond to the report as his agency stated that they are unable to contact the actor who is currently abroad at the moment. The agency further stated that an official statement will be released on 23rd Jan (today).

As Jonghyun is currently appearing on MBC’s “We Got Married” with Girl’s Day’s Yura, angry netizens are demanding the TV couple to step down from the show or come up with a formal official statement about the dating news. “We Got Married” producers defended the stars by releasing an official statement about it.

Hong Jonghyun and Girl's Day's Yura

The producer said:

I heard of the rumor previously a few months ago and asked Hong Jonghyun and he stated that they are just close friends. WGM gets the celebrities to sign a contract agreeing that they will not act in a manner that defies the reality of the show and Hong Jonghyun was no exception.

What do you think of the dating rumours? Do you think they are just very close friends? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.


UPDATE (Jan. 23rd, 12:13pm):

Hong Jong Hyun’s agency, Widmay has released an official statement regarding the dating rumour.

They denied the dating rumour by saying that Jong Hyun and After School’s Nana are “just friends”. “After checking [with them], we want to clarify that Hong Jong Hyun and Nana are simply close oppa (older brother) and dongsaeng (younger sister). Unlike what earlier reports suggested, they are not in a relationship,” said the agency.

The agency added:

As both of them were originally models and have many things in common, it is true that they have been friends for a while. However, the report about them being in a relationship is not true, and thus we would like to ask everyone to refrain from publishing speculative articles [about them].

We would also like to thank everyone for showing interest in Hong Jong Hyun, and we will work hard to show an even better side of him in the future.

Well, perhaps the magazine misunderstood their close relationship then. But, what do you think?

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